Semiconductor Device Models (SDM)

Type Description Source
Diode Diode model based on Shockley equation
Thin-Film MOS SOI Thin-Film four terminal,fully depleted, back-surface MOS model
Operational Amplifier Model for an operational amplifier
Josephson Tunnel Contact Josephson tunnel device model


Module Name diode
Terminals anode: positive terminal : inout electrical
cathode: negative terminal : inout electrical
Parameter area: device area = 1 from (0:inf)
is: saturation current = 1e-14 from (0:inf)
n: emission coefficient = 1 from (0:inf)
cjo: zero-bias junction capacitance = 0 from [0:inf)
m: grading coefficient = 0.5 from [0:inf)
phi: body potential = 0.7 exclude 0
fc: forward bias capacitance factor = 0.5 from (0:1]
tt: transit time = 1p from [0:inf)
bv: reverse breakdown voltage = inf from [0:inf)
rs: series resistance = 0 from [0:inf)

Thin-Film MOS

Module Name thinfilm_mos
Terminals nd: drain terminal : inout electrical
ngf: front gate terminal : inout electrical
ns: source terminal : inout electrical
ngb: back gate terminal : inout electrical
Parameter l: device length (m) = 10u from (0:inf)
w: device width (m) = 10u from (0:inf)
toxf: front gate oxide thickness (m) = 20n from (0:inf)
toxb: back gate oxide thickness (m) = 0.5u from (0:inf)
nsub: substrate doping (1/cm^3) = 1.0e14 from (0:inf)
ngate: gate doping (1/cm^3) = 1.0e19 from (0:inf)
nbody: body doping (1/cm^3) = 5.0e15 from (0:inf)
tb: body thickness (m) = 0.1u from (0:inf)
u0: surface mobility = 700 from (0:inf)
lambda: channel length modulation = 0.05
type: type (1=nmos,-1=pmos) = 1 from [-1:1] exclude 0

Operational Amplifier

Module Name opamp
Terminals vinp: positive input terminal : inout electrical
vinm: negative input terminal : inout electrical
vdd: positive power supply : inout electrical
vss: negative power supply : inout electrical
voutp: positive output terminal : inout electrical
voutm: negative output terminal : inout electrical
Parameter gain: open loop gain (dB) = 100 from (0:inf)
three_dB_freq: 3dB frequency (Hz) = 1M from (0:inf)
rin: input resistance (O) = 1M from (0:inf)
cin: input capacitance (F) = 1n from (0:inf)
iout_max: maximum output current (A) = 100n from (0:inf)
vout_offset: dc output voltage offset (V) = 0
rout: output resistance (O) = 80 from (0:inf)
volc: output voltage saturation coefficient = 1

Josephson Tunnel Contact

Module Name josephson_contact
Terminals p1,p2,p3,p4: contact terminal : inout electrical
Parameter cj: junction capacitance (F) = 0.5p from (0.33p:1p)
rj: junction resistance (Ohm) = 1 from (0.5:25)
i0: junction current amplitude (A) = 10u from (5:1000u)

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