Inconsistent capitalization for IEEE packages

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Issue Summary Bugzilla 282

Bugzilla 282

Here are the various declarations for packages in the ieee library:

fixed_float_types.vhdl:  package fixed_float_types
fixed_generic_pkg.vhdl:  package fixed_generic_pkg
fixed_pkg.vhdl:package fixed_pkg is new IEEE.fixed_generic_pkg
float_generic_pkg.vhdl:package float_generic_pkg 
float_pkg.vhdl:package float_pkg is new IEEE.float_generic_pkg 

math_complex.vhdl:package MATH_COMPLEX 
math_real.vhdl:package MATH_REAL 

numeric_bit_unsigned.vhdl:package NUMERIC_BIT_UNSIGNED 
numeric_bit.vhdl:package NUMERIC_BIT 
numeric_std_unsigned.vhdl:package NUMERIC_STD_UNSIGNED is
numeric_std.vhdl:package NUMERIC_STD 

std_logic_1164.vhdl:package std_logic_1164 
std_logic_textio.vhdl:PACKAGE std_logic_textio 

In the next language version it would probably be good to make the capilalization consistent. I believe that the preferred form is:


ie, the keywords are in lower case, the package name is in upper case.

Meeting 2016_MeetingMay26

Consensus of meeting is that lower case package names would be preferred. Package names and procedure names.

package numeric_bit_unsigned is

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Possible Solutions

Solution 1: Make package names upper case

Make package names upper case.

Solution 2: No Change

Leave the packages as they are.

Solution 3: Make package names lower case

Make package names lower case.


Going back to VHDL-87, package STANDARD and package TEXTIO are both upper case. If we intend to make the packages consistent, there is a precedent for upper case. Otherwise there should be no changes.

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