P1076 May 26, 2016 Meeting Minutes


  • Brent Hayhoe, Lieven Lemiengre, Patrick Lehmann, Jim Lewis, Peter Flake, Jing Pang, Kevin Jennings


Meeting Discussion

  • Review PrivateDocuments file: _summary_vhdl_requirements_priority.xlsx
  • Restart at line 75. Next meeting restart at 86
  • 75: Std_ulogic and resolution of '-'
    • Resolved to create a separate resolution function
    • Could consider it a bug fix. Unlikely someone would be impacted by the change.
  • 76: Closely related record types
    • Currently requires an explicit conversion function.
    • Could be handled by mapping operations being created for interface
    • If pick option 3: name and position can keep it safest.
    • How often does this happen? Will it increase when we add interfaces.
    • Revisit after interface implementation with Ryan
  • 77: Unique Condition - OrIF
    • When decode logic is local, current opinion and observations is that synthesis tools will currently see the logic is mutual exclusive and reduce the logic to the desired solution.
    • Table this one.
  • 78: Synthesizable Reports and Asserts
    • Needs more refinement to be actionable.
    • Is it include report/assert into gate level netlist or is translate report/assert into some hardware structure?
  • 79: Create natural vector as a subtype of integer_vector
    • subtype natural_vector is integer_vector (range 0 to integer'right) ;
    • Good idea, but is it important enough for this revision?
    • How is the range of the elements differentiated from the range of the integer_vector?
    • Does it need to be:
      • subtype natural_vector is integer_vector (<>) (range 0 to integer'right) ;
      • subtype natural_vector is integer_vector ((range 0 to integer'right)) ;
    • Someday maybe
  • 80: Inconsistent capitialization of IEEE packages
    • meeting consensus lower case is preferred
    • Someday maybe. Anyone interested.
  • 81: Deferred Shared Variables
    • Some vendors have already implemented this via tool settings without use of a new keyword
    • see link to stack overflow discussion
    • AI: Brent to research LRM to identify needed changes if any.
  • 82: Implicit Conversions between integer and unsigned/signed, and real and ufixed, sfixed, float
    • Consider with the unbounded integer proposals?
  • 83: Syntax Regularization: Empty Records
    • Push to interface proposal
    • Example: Record with debug ports. Some implementations use it. Final version does not.
  • 84: Architecture Generic
    • Interesting. Requires architecture name passed as some sort of object
    • Seems that configurations, if synthesizable, solves this problem
  • 85: Simulation Controls
    • Need something actionable in the proposal

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes:

Brent, Lieven

Next Meeting: Thursday June 2, 2016, 11 am Pacific

Previous Meeting: Thursday May 19, 2016

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