VHDL-2019 revision LCS, Proposals, and Requirements

Caution: Do not add new stuff here. The current revision is 202X.

This page contains the Requirements, Proposals, and LCS developed as part of the VHDL-2019 revision.

Caution: Do not add new stuff here. The current revision is 202X.


LCS Section

Approved LCS Documents

Note these LCS were the starting point for revising the draft. Some aspects of these may have been revised during balloting. As always the current standard is the defacto implementation of the language changes.

LCS Proposal LRM State D3A Reviewer Final Status
LCS-2016-001 Partially Connected Vectors on Port Map Done Jim  
LCS-2016-002 Allow access and protected type parameters on function interfaces Laisse Faire Done Jim  
LCS-2016-004 Allow PT methods with AT and FT parms Done Jim  
LCS-2016-006a File IO / Textio updates 4 Rob  
LCS-2016-006c File IO / Directory I/O 7 Rob  
LCS-2016-006e Allow access to system environment variables (baseline) Done Jim  
LCS-2016-006f Expose standard conditional analysis identifiers Jim Jim  
LCS-2016-007 Sequential Declaration Regions Todo Jim/Lieven  
LCS-2016-007a Sequential Declaration Regions corresponding short form Done Jim Not Done, Forward to 2020X
LCS-2016-011 Date/Time functions 1 Rob  
LCS-2016-012 'IMAGE and TO_STRING for composite types Todo Jim  
LCS-2016-014 Composites of Protected Types Todo Jim  
LCS-2016-014a Pointers to Composites of Protected Types Todo Jim  
LCS-2016-015 Report Calling Path Done Jim  
LCS-2016-015a ReportCallingPath Current File and Line by function Done Jim  
LCS-2016-016 Anonymous Types Done Jim  
LCS-2016-018 Attributes for Enumerated Types 2 Patrick  
LCS-2016-018a New attributes 1 Patrick  
LCS-2016-018d 'designated_type 2 Patrick  
LCS-2016-019 Inferring Constraints from Initial Values for Signals and Variables Almost Jim  
LCS-2016-023 Relax Library Requirement on Configurations Done Jim  
LCS-2016-026c LongIntegers 1 Rob  
LCS-2016-028 Selected names for types implementation of external names for types Done Jim Not Done, Forward to 2020X
LCS-2016-030 Garbage Collection 1 Rob  
LCS-2016-032 PATH_NAME and Shared Variables and Subprograms Done Jim  
LCS-2016-033 Composition with Protected Types Done Jim  
LCS-2016-034 Protected Types with Generic Clause Todo Jim  
LCS-2016-036a Allow for conditional expressions in a declaration (baseline) Almost Jim  
LCS-2016-041 Record Introspection Type Reflection 1 Lieven  
LCS-2016-043 Attributes for PSL Done Jim  
LCS-2016-045a Interface - defines new mode view construct for composite interface objects Todo Jim  
LCS-2016-045c Interface - 'CONVERSE for a mode view Almost Jim  
LCS-2016-047 Protected Type: Shared Variables On Entity Interface Almost Jim  
LCS-2016-049 Map Generics On Subprogram Call Almost Jim  
LCS-2016-050 API for Assert Done Jim  
LCS-2016-055a Syntax regularization - component declarations Done Jim  
LCS-2016-059 Array Type Generics 5 Patrick (in progress)  
LCS-2016-059a Allow ordering on any scalar array - related to Array Type Generics 2 Patrick  
LCS-2016-061 Conditional compilation Done Jim  
LCS-2016-070 Bidirectional Connections 2 Patrick Not Done, Forward to 2020X
LCS-2016-071a Extra optional semicolon at the end of interface_list Done Jim  
LCS-2016-072b Function Knows Return Vector Size Almost Jim  
LCS-2016-075 Closely related record types Almost Jim  
LCS-2016-082 Syntax regularization: empty records Done Jim  
LCS-2016-086 All Interface Lists Can Be Ordered Almost Jim  
LCS-2016-094a Conditional Return Statement Almost Jim  
LCS-2016-099 Extended Ranges 1 Patrick  
LCS ISAC ISSUE Version D3A Reviewer Final Status
LCS-2016-PSL_main PSL Harmonization - keywords Done Jim  
LCS-2016-PSL PSL Harmonization - change 2005 to 2010 Done Jim  
LCS_2016_1735_Encrypt Encryption Updates for 1735 Done Jim  
LCS-2016-IEEEStdUpdates Updating IEEE Standard references Todo Jim  
LCS-2016-I03 Signatures for formal generic subprograms in a generic association lists Done Jim  
LCS-2016-I04 Enhanced Generics In Attribute Specs Done Jim  
LCS-2016-I05 Repair example in Section 14.2 Done Jim  
LCS-2016-I06 Repair example in Section Almost Jim  
LCS-2016-I08 Repair LRM Section Missing Paragraph Text Done Jim  
LCS-2016-I09 Repair example in Section 5.6.3 Done Jim  
LCS-2016-I10 Bit String Literals Corner Cases Done Jim  
LCS-2016-I11 Fix Generate Statement Done Jim  
LCS-2016-I12 Forcing Out Ports Done Jim  
LCS-2016-I13 Precedence of Unary Operators Todo Jim  
LCS-2016-I14 Strings from embedded identifiers Done Jim  
LCS-2016-I16 Repair Example in Section 23.21 Todo Jim  
LCS-2016-I17 LRM2008 Typographical Issues Done Jim  

LCS Documents Deferred to a future revision

LCS Proposal   Status
LCS-2016-006b DREAD, DWRITE, Integer D, H, O, B Read and Write - 202X
LCS-2016-006g Allow access to system environment variables (explorable) 3 Need Use Case
LCS-2016-015b ReportCallingPath Current File and Line by attributes 1 Subsumed by alternative 15a
LCS-2016-072a Accessing scalar attributes from within a function: Spinoff from Function Knows Return Vector Size 12 Rejected
LCS-2016-080a Deferred Shared Variables 2 202X
LCS-2016-080b Deferred Shared Variables 2 202X
LCS-2016-099a Extension to LCS 099 - intended to make more things locally static 1 202X
LCS-2016-I15 Generate Statement Alternate Path Names - beware of pathname for external names vs RV'path_name 1 202X
LCS-2016-I15a Generate Statement Alternate Path Names - Dissenting Opinion 1 202X

Rejected and/or Subsumed LCS Documents

LCS Proposal   Status
LCS-2016-002a Allow access and protected type parameters on function interfaces strict 3 Alt Done
LCS-2016-002b Allow access and protected type parameters on function interfaces Laisse Faire 3 Alt Done
LCS-2016-002c Allow access and protected type parameters on function interfaces Less strict 3 Alt Done
LCS-2016-006d Environment variables and conditional analysis identifier API 4 Alt Done
LCS-2016-014b 'access attribute 1 202X
LCS-2016-018b Attribute shorthands 1 Alt Done
LCS-2016-018c subsumed by LCS-2016-018 1 Alt Done
LCS-2016-026 Long Integers - 512 bit 1 202X
LCS-2016-026a Long Integers - 64 bit integer and subtypes 1 202X
LCS-2016-026b Long Integers - 64 bit integer and 32 bit integer 1 202X
LCS-2016-028a Anonymous types for external names implementation of external names for types 1 202X partial implemented
LCS-2016-036 superseded by LCS-2016-036a 1 Alt Done
LCS-2016-036b Allow for conditional expressions in a declaration (cond. attributes) 1 Alt Done
LCS-2016-045b Interface - defines new null mode for composite interface element actual /formal isolation 1 202X
LCS-2016-051 Additional Operators to Integers 1 202X
LCS-2016-055 Syntax regularization - end 1 Alt Minimal Done
LCS-2016-060 New Predefined Attributes: 'actual, and 'formal 1 rejected
LCS-2016-063 Wait Level - Signal Expressions in Signal Parameter Map 1 202X
LCS-2016-069a Record Introspection & Indexing - Alt Imp
LCS-2016-069b Record Introspection & Indexing - Alt Imp
LCS-2016-070a Bidirectional Connections 1 202X - coord with 70
LCS-2016-071b Extra comma at the end of lists 1 202X
LCS-2016-072 Function Knows Return Vector Size 13 Alt Done
LCS-2016-072c Function Knows Return Vector Size A revision to LCS-2016-072 that addresses issues 2 Alt Done
LCS-2016-094 Conditional Return Statement 2 Alt Done
LCS-2016-I07 Fix 2008 Context Clause 1 202X
LCS-2016-I18 The Sensitivity List for Process(all) Should Not Include Signals in All Reachable Subprograms 1 202X

Proposals Section

Details of and links to all proposal.

Proposal Summary + Link to Proposals

Status Values

  • RAW - initial development, may change frequently, comments welcome
  • RFC - draft, needs comments
  • REVIEW - requesting more formal review in working group meeting
  • STABLE - done
  • LCS - LCS Editing, Voting, Approval, or Rejection in process
  • Subsumed - subsumed by another proposal/LCS

Item Who Status LRM Change Definition Rank Description Final Status
Interface Related Proposals            
Interface and Bundle Enhancements P1076Group In Progress   22 WG generated interface and bundle enhancements Alt Done
Partially Connected Vectors on port map KevinJennings LCS
1 Allows a port map vector (array) range slice to be left open. Done
NewBusModeForBidirectionalPortSignals BrianDrummond     40 Add a "Bus" port mode for bidirectional port signals Alt Done
Protected Types with Public Signals JimLewis     44   202X
Interface Construct and Port Mode Configurations BrentHayhoe LCS in progress 45   Alt Done
Packages as an Interface Construct JimLewis     53   ??
Implicit Parameter and Port Connections JimLewis -   54 Shorthand notation for parameter and port maps 202X
Bidirectional Connections KevinCameron LCS in progress 70 Enable modeling of bidirectional components 202X
Closely related record types RyanHinton LCS in progress 75   Done
Converting Things, Generally            
Extend IMAGE attribute to arrays and records Ryan Hinton LCS in progress 12 Extend IMAGE attribute and/or TO_STRING implicit function to composite types: arrays and records. Done
Record Introspection ChrisHiggs LCS in progress 41 Convert between a record and a vector 202X
Record Introspection & Indexing Brent Hayhoe LCS in progress 69 Proposal to allow indexing and scanning of elements within record structures. MERGED (WAS: Member attribute for records) 202X
Language Regularization Proposals            
Allow access types and protected types on Function Interface JimLewis LCS
2 - Done
Protected Type Methods with Parameters that are Access Type, Protected Type, or File Type JimLewis   4 Method Parameters with access types Done
Sequential Declaration Regions JimLewis LCS 7 - Done
Composites of Protected Types JimLewis LCS and 14 Arrays and records containing protected types Done
Protected types and aliases JimLewis Subsumed   17 Subsumed by LCS-2016-033 Alt Done
Sizing from initial values RyanHinton LCS
19 Allow signal and variable constraints to be deduced from initial values. This is already allowed for constants, but this proposal extends the capability to variables and signals. Done
Relax Library Requirement on Configurations CliffordWalinsky RFC 23 Allow configurations to reside in different libraries from their corresponding entities. Done
Conditional Expressions and/or Operator CliffordWalinsky LCS
36 Allow the use of conditionals in expressions and initializers. Done
Syntax regularization - End JimLewis LCS complete 55 Particularly "End" Alt Minimal Done
Process-All and Implicit Signals Brent Hayhoe RFC   56 Allow implicit signals alongside the ALL keyword in sensitivity lists. 202X
Syntax regularization - Optional Semicolon BertDeJong LCS
71 Extra optional semicolon at end of interface_list Done
Package Name Case Sensitivity JimLewis     79   202X
Syntax regularization - Empty records RyanHinton LCS in progress 82 Allow record declations to have no members, analogous to a null array Done
Conditional Return Statement JimLewis LCS 94 - Alt Done
Integer Proposals            
Integers of arbitrary length MartinThompson RFC KevinJennings: Appended yet another alternate proposal to end of this proposal. Not clear about the current status of any of these integer extending proposals. 8 Add integers of arbitrary length 202X
Long Integers 64 bit type CliffordWalinsky LCS
26 Add a type for 64 bit integers, separate from integer 202X
Modular Integer Types MartinThompson - KevinJennings: Ditto 31   202X
Additional Operators for Integers - logic JimLewis LCS
51 Add Logic Operators for Integers 202X
Implicit Conversions for Like Types JimLewis     81 Addresses issues with assigning integer literals to unsigned, signed, real literals to ufixed, sfixed, and float, and vice-versa. Obviously with some constraints. 202X
Extended Integers DanielKho RAW KevinJennings: See comments listed for Integers of arbitrary length   Require a minimum of 64 bits for integers. 202X
Physical Type Range KevinThibedeau   KevinJennings: Recommend changing this to subsumed based on the much larger integer range defined in LCS-2016-026.   Require that user-defined physical types can cover the same range as time. 202X
Enhanced Integers JonasBaggett RFC KevinJennings: See comments listed for Integers of arbitrary length None New derived integer types fittable for synthesis. 202X
Language Enhancement            
Date and time system functions RobGaddi LCS
11 Get system date/time and manipulate the results. Done
Modify Report Statement to return calling path of subprograms PeterFlake
  15   202X
PATH_NAME and Shared Variables and Subprograms JimLewis - 32   Done
Anonymous Types on Interfaces JimLewis - 16 - Done
Attributes for Enumerated Types JimLewis LCS
18 - doen
DPI Proposal PeterFlake -   21 Direct interface to other languages 202X
Hierarchical Libraries ChrisHiggs - 25 library protocol.packet.ethernet 202X
External names for types JimLewis LCS 28 See Alternative Proposal. Needed to access the type of a statemachine from tesbench. 202X
Updates to standard packages - split into LRM and Packages RyanHinton RFC   29 Additions to LRM, standard, std_logic_1164, numeric_std, math_real, math_complex, and fixed_pkg 202X
Garbage Collection CliffordWalinsky   30 Garbage collection Done
Composition with Protected Types JimLewis LCS 33 Composition with protected types Done
Protected Types with Generic Clause JimLewis LCS 34 - Done
Configuration Spec for Direct Instances RyanHinton RFC   37 Add a facility to write a configuration specification to control architecture selection possibly several hierarchy layers deep for a direct instantiation.   202X
Attributes for PSL JimLewis - 43 - 202X
Protected Types with Wait and Private Signals JimLewis     46   202X
Protected Type on Entity Interface JimLewis   47   Done
Map subprogram generics on call JimLewis RFC 49 - Done
API for Assert JimLewis LCS
50 - 202X Extend for Call Path
Slicing Multidimensional Arrays RyanHinton     52   202X "Streaming Operators"?
External Non-Shared Variable Name Brent Hayhoe RFC     Add the ability to reference local process variables and VHDL93 shared variables via the 'external name' syntax. 202X
Array type generics RyanHinton LCS in progress 59 Indicate that a generic type is an array of another generic type. Done
New Predefined Attributes: actual, and formal Brent Hayhoe LCS
LCS-2016-072a (alternative)
60 Allow explicit selection of actual or formal part of an instantiated subprogram's parameter. 202X
Conditional Compilation Many LCS
61 solve tool-specific language issues Done
Abstract Packages JimLewis -   62 - 202X
Wait with Level Check JimLewis   63 Wait with level sensitive check 202X
Unions and/or Variant Records JimLewis RAW   65 Need unions to describe coverage that can either be a range or a single value 202X
Expressions in Bit String Literals - Dynamic Sizing Brent Hayhoe RFC Refer to alternative LCS-2016-072a 66 Adds the facility to define the bit width of the string literal with an integer expression. 202X
Required Simulator Resolution JimLewis     67 Need construct or subprogram to specify minimum simulator resolution required by a design unit. It is an error for a simulation to enumerate with larger value. Withdrawn
Relaxed OTHERS rules in aggregates RyanHinton RFC   68 Relax the rules for using OTHERS in array aggregates 202X
Function Knows Return Vector Size KevinJennings LCS
72 Allows functions to access attributes of the target of the function Done
Deferred Shared Variables Brent Hayhoe LCS
80 Shared variables & protected types in same package.
Clarification of semantics in BNF productions relating to 'subtype indications'.
Remove Ordering Restrictions on Interface Lists CliffordWalinsky LCS
86 Allow entity and subprogram interface objects to refer
to earlier objects of the same interface list.
Operations on Ranges Need Owner LCS
in progress
99 Support Operations on Ranges Done
Overload Assignment Operator OPEN     102 Ability to overload the assignment operator := would be useful 202X
Extended String Literals JimLewis, DanielKho       Support C Style String Literals 202X
Extended Ranges PatrickLehmann RAW None Make ranges more powerful. 202X, Needs new proposal
Extended user-defined attributes PatrickLehmann RAW   None Let users define new attributes, which for example map to functions. 202X
Unresolved booleans, integers, etc. DanielKho   Move this to rejected? KevinJennings - 2016-10-31   Have unresolved versions for boolean, bit, character, and integer reject
New proposals            
Access to logical representation of VHDL objects JonasBaggett RAW     Access to binary representation of VHDL objects via new attributes 202X, Accepted For Study

Change Proposals for IEEE Packages

Item Who Status LCS Link Rank Description Final Status
numeric_std, fixed and float bugs and consistency updates DavidBishop     3 Bug fixes and consistency updates for numeric_std,
fixed_generic_pkg.vhd, and float_generic_pkg.vhd
Ask David
Real Matrix Math Package DavidBishop REVIEW   5, 10, 13 Matrix Math User's Guide (pdf)
Packages (zip)
Fixed point Algorithmic User's Guide (pdf) DavidBishop REVIEW     Package (zip) Open Source Doc
Floating point Algorithmic User's Guide (pdf) DavidBishop REVIEW     Package (zip) Open Source Doc
File IO / TextIO updates JimLewis LCS in
6 - Done
Flag metavalues detected by ?? JimLewis     9   202X
Read differences of bit_vector and std_logic_vector JimLewis     27   202X Review
Updates to standard packages - split into LRM and Packages RyanHinton RFC   29

Note this is listed here and in enhancements.

Additions to LRM, standard, std_logic_1164, numeric_std,
math_real, math_complex, and fixed_pkg

202X Review

ISAC and Items that Must Do

Item Who Status LRM Change Definition Rank Description Final Status
P1735 Encryption Updates JarekKaczynski
STABLE   I1 Adopt Recommendation from P1735 Done
P1735 Visibility Updates StevenDovich     I2 Alignment with P1735 visibility model Done
Signatures for Association List Aspects CliffordWalinsky RFC I3 Describes how to resolve ambiguous mappings of subprograms to overloaded
interface subprograms in generic map aspects.
Assigning 2008 Entities to Attribute Classes CliffordWalinsky RFC LCS-2016-I04 I4 Describes how subprogram instances, interface subprograms, package instances
and interface packages match entity classes in attribute specifications.
Repair LRM Example 14.2 CliffordWalinsky LCS
I5 Fix for one of the examples in LRM Section 14.2. --
Repair LRM Example DanielKho LCS
I6 Fix the example in --
Repair Text on Context Clauses DanielKho RFC LCS-2016-I07 I7 Fix the LRM's text for context clauses. --
Repair LRM Section Missing Paragraph Text BrentHahoe LCS
I8 Correct section header numbering in VHDL 2008 LRM. --
Repair example in LRM section 5.6.3 TristanGingold LCS
I9 Fix example in 5.6.3 --
Bit String Literals Corner Cases\ TristanGingold LCS
I10 Fix minor issues in 15.8 --
Repair Generate Statements TristanGingold   LCS-2016-I11 I11 Fix wording and feature --
Force an Out Port Many   LCS-2016-I12 I12   --
Precedence of Unary Logical Operators JimLewis   I13 Why is this a 'Must Do' item? The proposal is proposing that operator precedence
should be 'different' than listed in the standard. Precedence in the LRM doesn't
appear to be 'wrong', just not what the author of the proposal would want.
-- KevinJennings - 2016-12-01
String representation for extended identifiers PeterFlake LCS
I14   --
Alternate Label in Path Name bug 293 PeterFlake LCS
I15   --
Repair Example in Section 23.21 Proposal RadoslawNawrot LCS
I16 Fix for LRM VHPI example --
Typographical Issues in IEEE Std 1076-2008 Many     I17 A collection of typographical issues in the LRM that don't have a separate page --
Process-All Should Not Be Sensitive to Signals in Packages RobGaddi LCS
I18 Ranking: 87 - Designs are in error if they have a process(all) block that calls a
package's subprogram that references a signal. Since this error is costly to
accurately verify, remove this requirement.
PSL Harmonization AjeethaKumari       Done  

VHDL AMS 1076.1 Proposals that go in 1076

The packages listed in this table are planned to be included in P1076.1-201x. In discussions a while ago with the P1076 WG some members expressed interest in these packages as well. Coordination between the WGs is required to ensure that the same versions are included in both places.

Item Who Status Last Modified Description Status
Table Driven Modeling Joachim Haase et.al.
Forwarded to Open Source Group
5/24/2012 The package supports the description of functional dependencies y = f(x1, x2, ..., xn) based on a number of (n+1)-tupels (y, x1, x2, ..., xn). Emphasis is on floating point functions, and various interpolation schemes are supported. More details, and a reference implementation can be found in a protected area of the P1076.1 web. 202X
Vector/matrix package David Bishop, Zhichao Deng
Forwarded to Open Source Group
  It's the same package listed in the next table 202X

Proposals for 1076.6 - Requires a Chair for this activity

Requires separate working group and vendor participation.

This work would potentially be done by a separate working group. Requires a chair. JimLewis will help you through the IEEE process, but you will need to get vendor participation for the effort to be relevant.

Item Who Status Last Modified Description Supporters Priority
FSM Safe Design Brent Hayhoe RFC   Proposal to allow safe state identification for synthesis in FSM designs.  
Synthesis Attributes       Attributes for RAM, ROM, ... Define these in 1076?  
Assertions as Directives main.JimLewis     Support ZeroOneHot, ...  
Synthesizable 'event          

Items to forward to open source package group

Item Who Status Last Modified Description Supporters Priority
File IO for RTL ROM JimLewis
Forwarded to Open Source Group
  Ranking: 24 - File IO for RTL ROM  
Functional Coverage JimLewis
Forwarded to Open Source Group
  Implemented by open source group OSVVM  
Random Stimulus JimLewis
Forwarded to Open Source Group
  Implemented by open source group OSVVM  
Extended Hardware Functions - RTL Macros  
Forwarded to Open Source Group
  RTL Macros. Meeting: Dec 15, 2011 and Mar 31, 2011  
Associative Arrays  
Forwarded to Open Source Group
  See TBV Propoal 2  
Queues / FIFO  
Forwarded to Open Source Group
  See TBV Proposal 4  
Sync and Handshaking  
Forwarded to Open Source Group
  See TBV Proposal 7  
Memory / Sparse array  
Forwarded to Open Source Group
  See TBV Proposal 12  
Loading and Dumping Memories  
Forwarded to Open Source Group
  See TBV Proposal 18  
Forwarded to Open Source Group
  See TBV Proposal 19  
Create open source boost/C++ like libraries       Meeting: Dec 15, 2011  
to_integer and to_integer_vector JimLewis -   -  
Graphics Library DanielKho
Forwarded to Open Source Group
  Implement a graphics library for VHDL.  
Regular Expressions DanielKho
Forwarded to Open Source Group
  Implement VHDL regular expressions.  

Someday Maybe Proposals

Item Who Status Rank Description Status
VHPI Impact       VHDL-2008 & VHDL-2019 impact to VHPI Low Priority
VHPI for PSL       PSL impact to VHPI Low
define parameters for env.stop OPEN     Define standard parameters for env.stop 202X
Standard Instances of Float OPEN     Define standard instances of float_generic_pkg and fixed_generic_pkg Low
Vector literal introspection JimLewis RFC 35 Distinguish between std_logic_vector and integer_vector literals Low
Object Orientation     39 Links to different proposals Low
Wait with a repeat count JimLewis - 48 - 202X
CrossLanguageInstances     73 Related to DPI 202X
Std_ulogic, Resolved, and '-' JimLewis   74 Resolution of '-' and 'Z' is 'X", ok for RTL, but bad for testbenches? Reject
Create natural_vector JimLewis   78 Create natural_vector as a subtype of integer_vector 202X
Architecture Generic LarsJensen RFC 83 Implements architecture instantiation through generics Low
Multiple Top-Level Designs CliffordWalinsky Needs Work &

Allow designs to have multiple top-level roots. To be a common enhancement, it needs someone with a use case to work on it.

Only concerns are about paths in both external names and attributes: 'INSTANCE_NAME 'PATH_NAME

Preponed Processes (clocks) JimLewis - 89 Desc 202X
Update std_logic_arith JimLewis   90

Update std_logic_arith to simplify interoperability with numeric_std



Dynamic Process, Instances, Fork Join     91   Low
Shorthand Subprogram Declarations JimLewis - 92 - Low
Sequential Signal Declarations JimLewis - 93 - 202X
Truth Tables Need Owner   98 Truth table for multi-input/multi-output Low
Asynchronous Channels KevinCameron   100 Asynchronous channels (aka pipes) Low
Clocked Shorthand DanielKho RFC 103

Shorthand to infer flip-flops and pipelining

Z <= A when rising_edge(Clk) ;

process(A, Clk)


if rising_edge(Clk) then

Z <= A ;

end if ;

end process ;

Z <= A when Sel = '1' else B ;

Open Source Group?
Dynamic Rewiring KevinCameron   105 Allow runtime re-elaboration and re-wiring  
Composing Paths to External Names JimLewis       202X
Attribute Shorthand DanielKho RAW   Shorthand to create attributes.  
Support Synthesis of Reals DanielKho RAW   Simplify synthesis of floating-point operations, by using real to encapsulate synthesizable fixed- or floating-point types. Synthesis

Rejected Proposals

Item Who Status Rank Description StatusPriority
2008 Boolean Write JimLewis Rejected   Case sensitivity and now what? Rejected  
Predefined Attributes Can't Be Redefined CliffordWalinsky RFC 42 Prohibit predefined attributes from being redefined. Reject
Named Package Bodies JimLewis - 64 - 202X
Unique Condition - OrIf PeterFlake   76   202X
Synthesizable Reports and Assertions DanielKho RFC 77

Allow assertions to count in synthesis

Emulator behavior

Reporting to the synthesis log? Check generic values are appropriate?

Compile time assertions?

Simulation Controls     84 Some is probably done Reject
Additional Rules for Bit String Literals DanielKho RFC 85 Specify additional rules for string literals. Reject
Recommend Error Messages ChrisHiggs - 95 Standard format for error messages Reject
Mixed Signal Support KevinCameron   96 Support multiple types driving/receiving on a wire 1076.1 Reject
Multicycle Path Specification     97 Speciification of multi-cycle paths in language syntax Synthesis
AtomicComposites Needs Owner   101   Reject
Operators Overloading for Protected Types Need Owner   104 Can already do this with 2019 since impure functions allow PT as an operand. Although this is a different implentation of the requirement. Done
2 and 4 State values Needs Owner   108 Derived / constrained type that automatically and can be controlled during simulation elaboration. 202X
Specifying Timing Constraints DanielKho RAW   Allows RTL designers to specify timing constraints directly from HDL. Synthesis
Synthesizable 'event Attribute DanielKho RAW   Synthesize 'event for DDR FFs. Synthesis
Object Inspection JingPang RAW   Method to do introspection on names, find different objects and find all instance labels whose component is xyz. see VHPI
Use of Unicode MartinThompson Reject   Add unicode for strings, files, identifiers, comments 202X - Issue, UFT8 - How do we size strings - one character may require multiple multiple UTF8 characters. Current scope prevents multibyte issues. See python 3 when switched to unicode.
Scope of Keywords JimLewis Reject   Give names same scope as keywords Reject
Component Declaration derived from Entity Declaration JimLewis Reject   Not necessary if we can configure a direct entity instantiation. Reject
Move definition of TEXT, INPUT, OUTPUT Reject    

Could have a context declaration that does:

Context IO is

use std.textio.text ;

use std.textio.OUTPUT;

use std.textio.INPUT;

end context;

Stop Binary/Octal/Hex Read At Trailing Underscore CliffordWalinsky RFC 38 Test results from GitLab LRM already does this. Could be better written, but is correct and tests correct in simulations 202X Review implementation and LRM text.  
Rejected Items from ISAC List          
Fix generic map rules TristanGingold Rejected I19 generic-mapped packages are used by package instances Reject

Items Subsumed by other items

Item Who Status Description Supporters Priority
Record Indexing Brent Hayhoe Subsumed   See:- Record Introspection & Indexing  
Signal Pools KevinCameron     Ranking: 106 - Alternative to wire-like communication for RF  
User Defined IO Rules KevinCameron     Ranking: 107 - Move rules about in/out/inout to types  
Withdrawn: Functions Know Output Subtypes OPEN RFC   Allows function to access subtype properties of the target.  
Redundant: Syntax regularazation Entity Component OPEN     Syntax regularazation between entity and component  
Protected Type Updates JimLewis -   Numerous  

Raw Requirements Lists

List Description Notes
ISAC Active IR List    
Old Meeting Action Item List Current Action Items now tracked in meeting minutes  
Bugzilla List    
IEEE VHDL 2008 Subgroup Lists (TBV, FT, DTA, )    
Accellera VHDL 2008 Remaining Items List    
Raw Requirements in Text of Original Page    

I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheetxls Accellera_RequirementsStatus_19May2006.xls manage 131.0 K 2011-09-08 - 15:09 JimLewis Accellera Requirements List from VHDL-2008
PDFpdf Corrections_to_the_Encryption_Flow_description_in_IEEE_Std_1076.pdf manage 204.8 K 2012-03-15 - 15:10 JarekKaczynski Based on the works of P1735 group
Texttxt Proposal.txt manage 2.8 K 2013-08-28 - 17:27 DavidBishop Instructions to fix bugs in "fixed_generic_pkg-body.vhdl", "float_generic_pkg-body.vhdl" and the fixed point documentaiton
Unknown file formatvhd TbIntegerRange.vhd manage 2.0 K 2016-12-23 - 18:54 JimLewis IntegerRanges and expressions - where do the bounds apply
PDFpdf ft10A_nnary.pdf manage 108.2 K 2016-12-22 - 16:05 JimLewis  
PDFpdf ft10_assignment_ternary.pdf manage 183.0 K 2016-12-22 - 16:05 JimLewis VHDL-2008 proposal for conditional expressions using when
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