IEEE P1076.1 Working Group Telco Meeting Minutes - October 20, 2009 8am PDT (17:00 GMT)

Status: approved by WG on December 15, 2009 with modifications (meeting times).


  • Ernst Christen (chair, meeting convener) *
  • Joachim Haase
  • Sameer Kher
  • David Smith
  • Alain Vachoux (note taker)
  • John Willis


  • Call to order
  • Approval of agenda
  • Administrative issues
    • Minutes of last meeting
    • Revision of IEEE Std 1076.1.1: Current status
    • Officer elections
    • Review of IEEE patent policy
  • Detailed review of new projects for revision of IEEE Std 1076.1
    • Partial differential equations
    • Table-driven modelling
    • Vector/matrix algebra
  • Next meeting
  • AOB
  • Adjourn

1. Call to order on October 20, 2009 at 8:08 PDT

Ernst welcomed the participants and started presenting the meeting slides.

2. Approval of Agenda

Motion from Alain. John seconded. Agenda unanimously approved.

3. Administrative Issues

Approval of minutes from the September 22 meeting. Motion from Alain. David seconded. Minutes unanimously approved without modifications.

The new PAR proposal for 1076.1.1 will be reviewed by IEEE NesCom on October 23. Peter Ashenden agreed to work on the update of the 1076.1.1 LRM.

Ernst announced that it is the time to proceed to the election of WG officers since officers have two-year terms and the last election was in 2007. Peter Ashenden will be asked to act as the Returning Officer. Ernst will formally start the election process next week.

4. Detailed Review of New Projects for Revision of IEEE Std 1076.1

4.1 Partial Differential Equations


Ernst presented the slides on behalf of Tom Kazmierski. This work is a follow-up on a paper Tom presented at FDL'07.

Summary of the discussion:

[Ernst] Is the presented formalism sufficient to correctly describe PDEs? Complete requirements are missing.
[David] At least this shows it would be useful to support PDEs.
[Ernst] We cannot only work on cases.
[Joachim] Is the proposal only limited to one dimension?
[Ernst] Will ask Tom.
[Alain] The approach is validated using a preprocessor. We are not going to standardize a preprocessor.
[Ernst] We should ask EDA members for requirements.
[David] Had user requests a decade(?) ago. Mostly related to MEMS design using specialized solvers. Requests were more for coupling solvers, not for extending language.
[Sameer] Would be useful for our market.
[Joachim] There is a similar approach in Modelica.

4.2 Table-Driven Modeling

The presented slides are in the meeting slides.

Ernst gave a comprehensive description of initial requirements that have been published by Joachim on March 2006.

Summary of the discussion:

[David] Many solutions already exist. We should standardize the best one.
[Joachim] Exchange of table-driven model requires a standard file format for tables.
[Ernst] Probably better to align with the Verilog-AMS solution. Possible restrictions on the number of supported dimensions (3 or 4?).

David left the meeting at 11:04am PDT.

4.3 Vector/Matrix Algebra

The presented slides are in the meeting slides.

Summary of the discussion:

[Ernst] We should ask the following questions to all projects:
- Is there a need?
- Is there a need for a standard?
[John] Refer to previous work form Alec Stanculescu and Alex Zamfirescu on optimization of operations (performance issues).
[Ernst] Will try to contact them. Did not hear requirements from users.

4.4 Projects not reviewed

[Ernst] Somebody has still to shed more light on either one.

Unified C interface
[John] Is this related to extending VHPI to AMS?
[Ernst] There is definitively a need to extend VHPI to AMS, but the initial requirement was to bind compact C models to VHDL-AMS models.

Support for HIL simulation
[Joachim] This is an issue in the automotive domain. Initial requirements from Eduard Moser on real-time VHDL-AMS simulation. Mostly real-time modeling and simulation issues.
[Ernst] Agree that this is more about recommended practices.

Standard symbol format
[Ernst] A SVG based proposal has been published a week(?) ago. Developed by Ansoft, Mentor Graphics, Dolphin, and VDA. Is it a SAE or a VDA standard?
[Joachim] Open question. Currently more a recommendation/agreement. Not a formal standard yet.
[Ernst] Will ask David for more information.

[Ernst] Concerned that there is no set of comprehensive requirements. More a research project. No established activities.
[Alain] Will try to contact Yannick Hervé to get a status.

4.5 Action points

Ernst will summarize the project proposals and will ask the WG to define priorities and project champions/drivers. Alain mentioned the existence in the previous web site of a preliminary attempt to address this process. Ernst will review the existing information before publishing anything in the new web site.

Anyway, a highest priority is to align 1076.1 with 1076-2008.

5. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be a telco on November 17, 2009 at 8am PDT. Details will follow.

6. AOB


7. Adjourn

Ernst adjourned the meeting at 9:40 PDT.

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