Review of 1076.1-201x-draft_D0.1.pdf

This is a running list of comments. Page references are w.r.t. the AllTags version.

  • i: copyright year now 2017 [AVx - Done]
  • ii: Acknowledgments
    This standard extends IEEE Std 1076-2008. The editing and technical work done on that standard was done in collaboration between Accellera VHDL Technical Subcommittee and the IEEE VHDL Analysis and Screening Committee (VASG). Accellera had donated all of its work and copyrights back to the IEEE.
    Material in clause titled “Protect Tool Directives” is derived from the document titled “A Mechanism for VHDL Source Protection” © 2004, Cadence Design Systems Inc. Used, modified, and reprinted by permission of Cadence Design Systems Inc.
    The packages FIXED_GENERIC PKG, FIXED_PKG, FLOAT_GENERIC_PKG, FLOAT_PKG, and FIXED_FLOAT_TYPES were modified and used with permission from Eastman Kodak Company © 2006. Material in annex clauses titled “Using the fixed-point package” and “Using the floatingpoint package” is derived from the documents titled “Fixed Point Package User’s Guide” and “Floating Point Package User’s Guide” by Eastman Kodak Company © 2006. Used, modified, and reprinted by permission of Eastman Kodak Company.
    The package STD_LOGIC_TEXTIO was modified and used with permission of Synopsys, Inc. © 1990, 1991, and 1992.
    [Editorial: These acknowledgments are a mandated by the respective copyright permission letters]
    [AVx - Done. Note that the IEEE Standard Style Manual says (9.7) that "the permission to include special acknowledgments shall be requested from the senior manager, IEEE-SA content publishing"]
  • vii: We will need to add the WG roster. [AVx - Here should the IEEE-SA Standards Board members also included]
  • ix, x:See LCS 201x-22 V1.2 [AVx - Done. I added a table for the list of people who participated to the revision at the end]
  • 1, 2, 7: See LCS 201x-22 V1.2 [AVx - Done]
  • 5, 6: These pages, and similarly the last few pages in subsequent clauses, use a different header/footer. [AVx - Fixed]
  • 10, 38: See LCS 201x-12 V2.1 [AVx - Done]
  • 44: See LCS 201x-04 V2.1 [AVx - Done]
  • 97, 98: Bookmarks are missing for 6.5.3,, [AVx - Fixed]
  • 119: Bookmark missing for 6.11 [AVx - Fixed]
  • 138: See LCS 201x-07 V1.1 [AVx - Done]
  • 266: See LCS 201x-20 V1.1 [AVx - Done]
  • 274, c): Spurious space at beginning of 2nd and 3rd subbullet [AVx - Fixed]
  • 334: See LCS 201x-13 V2.1 [AVx - Done]
  • 585 Annex D Potentially nonportable constructs: TBD
  • 587 Annex E Changes …: TBD
  • 635: Font change shouldn't be tracked as it is correct in IEEE Std 1076-2008, i.e. this is a textual correction. [AVx - Comment removed]
  • 641ff: See LCS 201x-23 [AVx - Done]
-- Ernst Christen - 2017-01-11


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