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Current Situation

HDLs currently only manage static system descriptions. Real world systems have moving parts and things that plug in and drop out.

A common failing in HDLs is to view instantiation with port-maps to be the only (right?) way to connect things. In real systems many cross-couplings occur as a system gets larger and more complicated.

Related Issues

ISAC IR 2021 - Dynamic hardware construct


Handle dynamic addition and removal of entities. Connections can be made to any port or signal (not marked private).

Implementation details

As per C++ allow "new" and "delete" for instances.

Since the communication between components is through signals there is no intrinsic problem in reconfiguring resolution/communication in a running system - i.e. you don't have the dangling pointer issue of regular programming languages.

Dynamic instantiation covers the issue dynamic rewiring.

Code Examples

Use Cases

Modeling mobile systems where things come and go.

Arguments FOR

Let's model the real world.

Arguments AGAINST


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