RE: [vhdl-200x] Call for Vote on WG Policies & Procedures

From: Peter Ashenden <>
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 05:21:04 PDT

Steve and colleagues,

The model WG procedures have a few template placeholders that need to be
filled in. I've taken the liberty of doing so, including drafting some
words describing the scope of the WG. Please see attached document. May I
suggest that we vote on adopting these procedures, instantiated from the
model procedures.

If that is acceptable, I vote "approve".


(as a VASG member)

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> Subject: [vhdl-200x] Call for Vote on WG Policies & Procedures
> I had previously pointed to the DASC model WG policies and 
> procedures and opened discussion on their suitability for 
> adoption as the 1076 (VHDL-200x) working group's P&Ps.  To 
> date, there has been no discussion on this topic.  Therefore, 
> I will presume a motion to adopt the DASC model WG P&Ps.
> Please note that, according to the P&Ps, voting membership 
> requires participation and, working on the assumption that 
> this vote will pass, I will begin documenting participation with this
vote.  (See section > 4.7.1 of the CS SAB P&Ps
<>  as referenced in
section 4.1 of the model WG P&Ps.)
The WG Roster at
<>  is accurate with
one exception (John Aynsley is now a voting member) which should be fixed on
the web page later today.
Suspense date for submitting a vote is Friday, 2 July 2004.  The motion
being put to a vote of the WG:
Shall the P1076 (VHDL-200x) working group adopt the DASC model WG Policies
and Procedures as the P&Ps of the working group?
____ Approve      (comments are optional)
____ Disapprove (explanation, please)
____ Abstain
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