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From: Bailey, Stephen <SBailey@model.com>
Date: Thu Jun 17 2004 - 18:04:11 PDT

We will begin regularly scheduled telecons to review the language change proposals and resolve outstanding issues with them. At these meetings, any agreement on the proposals will be relative to the readiness and completeness of the proposed changes. They will NOT be WG votes to approve the change proposals. WG approval of language changes will be conducted separately by email. The approval vote may occur at any time after there has been agreement that a proposal is ready/complete.

Telecon information:

303-928-2600 (int'l)
Conference ID: 4737027

Meeting Schedule:

Unless otherwise published on this reflector beforehand, all meetings will start at 5pm Eastern US, 2pm Western US and last 2 hours.

Monday, 21 June
Monday, 28 June
Wednesday, 7 July
Monday, 19 July
Monday, 2 Aug
Monday, 9 Aug
Monday, 16 Aug
Monday, 23 Aug

I realize that the notice for the 1st few meetings is short. We will focus these early meetings on the proposals which are the most mature and relatively straight-forward. A detailed list of proposals to be discussed will be sent separately.

If we complete the review process early, remaining meeting dates can be cancelled. If additional meeting dates will be needed, I will schedule them when the need becomes apparent.

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