IEEE P1076.1 Working Group Telco Meeting Minutes - November 17, 2009 08:00 PST (16:00 GMT)

Status: approved by WG on December 15, 2009.


  • Ernst Christen (chair, meeting convener)
  • Joachim Haase (note taker)
  • John Shield
  • David Smith


  • Call to order
  • Approval of agenda
  • Administrative issues
    • Minutes of last meeting
    • Revision of IEEE Std 1076.1.1: Status
    • Officer elections: Status
    • Review of IEEE patent policy
  • Summary of projects, discussion of next steps
  • Next meetings
  • AOB
  • Adjourn

1. Call to order on November 17, 2009 at 08:05 PST

Ernst welcomed the participants and started presenting the meeting slides.

2. Approval of Agenda

Agenda unanimously approved.

3. Administrative Issues

Minutes of the meeting on October 20. 2009 were not available yet. Approval on minutes was delayed.
Ernst informed that the PAR for IEEE Std 1076.1.1 has been submitted to NesCom for October 23 meeting. The PAR has been approved by IEEE-SA
on November 2, 2009. Peter Ashenden will volunteer time for LRM work to carry out some minor errata corrections and technical changes in December.

The two year term of WG officers ends in December. John Shield will act as Returning Officer to run the elections. He will issue a call
for nominations shortly following the process described in the Operating Procedure for IEEE Computer Science DASC P1076.1 WG and then conduct the elections.

Ernst offered a review of the IEEE patent policy. Participants waived the review.

4. Summary of projects, discussion of next steps

Ernst presented the status and further actvities to prepare the second revision of the standard. Three catagories of projects can be distinguished:

  • Mandatory upgrade to use IEEE Std 1076-2008 as base language. This concerns:
    • IP protection
    • VHPI
    • Genericity
    • Language changes as type system, library unit and so on
    • LRM update (Major reorganization: new chapters, stuff moved)
  • Address maintenance issues. This concerns:
    • Integration of packages defined by IEEE Std 1076.1.1
    • Errata
  • Support for new features proposed by users. The following projects were represented in the past and have to be priorized:
    • Mixed netlists: language extension
    • Frequency domain modeling: language extension
    • PDE support: language extension
    • Table-driven modeling: package
    • Vector/matrix operations: package
    • Unified use of SPICE models: package + semantics

The next step has to be a WG consulation to priorize the projects and establish related study groups.

Complexity level (CL 1-low to 5-high) describing the expected effort were assigned to all projects. More details can be found on the slides.

Summary of the discussion:

[John] VHIP activities require under others extending the information model in XML to include VHDL-AMS concepts.
[Ernst] Another question is API functionality. We need more information what exactly needs to be done. John is involved. This is a major project (CL5).

Maintenance issues
[John] Copyright issues of package context clauses must be clarified for new packages.
[David] From the users' point of view unit representation of temperature is an important problem.
[Ernst] It is the same issue as in Verilog-AMS where a conversion unit was introduced. Compatibility to other languages as Verilog-AMS should be checked in this context.

Support of new features
[Ernst] Unified C interface definition is not considered. We should start with the VHPI activities. Afterwards we can decide how to continue with the C interface.
[David] There is a higher performance with a unified C interface. VHPI has to much overload - see System-Verilog.
[Ernst] This is right. However, we must avoid overloading our activities.

WG vote to determine priorities
[Ernst] All WG members can participate in the process of priorization of projects. It is more a consulation than a vote.
[David] Question should be, what is important for you. EDA vendors and other groups as VDA/FAT-AK30 should also be involved.
[Ernst] Will initiate the process.

Path to a PAR for new features projects
[John] A study group mission is not to do the technical work. PAR should be created after the priorization of new features projects. This would accelerate the process.
[Ernst] The next NesCom meeting is in May. Thus, draft PARs should be ready by April.

5. Next Meetings

The next meetings will be telcos on December 15, 2009 at 8am PDT and January 12, 2010 at 8am PST. Details will follow.

6. AOB


7. Adjourn

Ernst adjourned the meeting at 09:30 PST.

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