IEEE P1076.1 Working Group F2F Telco Meeting Minutes - March 13, 2012 11am PDT (19:00 CET)

Status: approved.


  • Rene Budich, Intedis GmbH & Co. KG (in Dresden)
  • Ernst Christen, Lynguent (chair, meeting convener, by phone)
  • Zhichao Deng, Synopsys (by phone)
  • Joachim Haase, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS (in Dresden)
  • Olaf Hädrich, Ansoft Corp. (in Dresden)
  • Ewald Hessel, Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. (in Dresden)
  • Tom Kazmierski , University of Southampton (in Dresden)
  • David Smith, Synopsys (by phone)
  • Alain Vachoux, EPFL (note taker, by phone)


  • Call to order
  • Approval of agenda
  • Administrative issues
    • Minutes of February 8, 2012 meeting
    • IEEE patent policy
    • Status of fund raising
    • Officer elections
  • Project overview and status
  • Next meeting
  • AOB
  • Adjourn

Call to order

Ernst opened the meeting and welcomed the attendees at 8:06am PDT. He then started presenting the meeting slides.

Approval of the agenda

Alain moved to approve, Zhichao seconded. No objections and abstentions. Agenda approved.

Administrative issues

Minutes of February 8, 2012 working group meeting
Joachim moved to approve, Zhichao seconded. No objections and abstentions. Minutes approved.

Patent policy
Ernst offered a review of the IEEE patent policy. Participants waived the review.

Status of fund raising
Relatively low response from potential vendors and user organizations. Ernst will contact people not heard so far. Ernst called for suggestions or proposals.

Officer elections
Election completed and results affirmed by DASC on February 29, 2012.

Project overview and status

7 active projects with various state of completion are reviewed in the meeting. 2 projects dropped due to lack of resources.

Mandatory LRM changes (Ernst)
Goal: Integration of VHDL 2008 features plus minor language enhancements from 2010 WG survey.
Status: Preparation for technical editing done. On hold until funding is available.

VHPI-AMS (David)
Goal: Extend VHPI data model and definition to include VHDL-AMS objects.
Status: Scope and initial requirements are defined. Cadence proposal on the table. Work to restart this year.

1076.1.1 integration (David)
Goal: Integrate 1076.1.1 into 1076.1 LRM and enhance support of dimensions.
Status: Technical editiong waiting for funding. Initial investigation into dimension support. Work to restart this year.

Frequency domain modeling (Ernst)
Goal: Support small-signal behavior definition in the frequency domain.
Status: Complete proposal to be submitted to WG for review.

Table-driven modeling (Joachim)
Goal: Develop package(s) for supporting models defined as tabular data from simulation or measurements.
Status: First version of reference package implementation available. Still need further work before submission to WG for review.

One issue raised by Ernst:

  • Background: The standard will support reading files from de facto standard file formats, e.g. Touchstone. Users can write their own functions to read additional file formats.
  • Question: How important is it for an end user to create such functions in a portable way, i.e. that the function be usable in more than one simulator?

Some discussion followed, but no clear outcome emerged.

Vector-matrix operations (Zhichao)
Goal: Develop package(s) for supporting vector-matrix operations in VHDL-AMS.
Status: First version of packages available. Several issues yet to fix. VHDL 1076 WG is also concerned.

Mixed netlists (Ernst)
Goal: Support hierarchical composition of components with interfaces of different classes.
Status: Incomplete draft proposal available. New requirements and new VHDL 2008 features must be reviewed.

David asked if the project also considers SPICE netlists. Ernst answered that the project only addresses the support for schematic flow using different kinds of connnections. Only VHDL-AMS models are considered.

Next steps

Resume project activities.

Next regular working group telco will be on April 11, 2012 at 8am PDT (15:00 UTC, 16:00 CET).




Ernst thanked the participants and adjourned the meeting at 12:17am PDT.

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