P1076 June 30, 2011 Meeting Minutes



  • Approve May 26 meeting minutes: Motion: JarekKaczynski 2nd: HansTiggeler
  • Review VASG Working Group Operating Procedures
    • Vote after meeting.
  • Officer elections soon. We need chair, vice-chair, and secretary.
    • All of these are non-technical administrator type roles
  • Reminder: Please list your self in the working group roster:
  • Reminder: Post questions for Harry Foster for him to answer in the presentation on the Mentor verification survey.
  • Reminder: Take ownership of items that interest you and update the collected requirements list
  • How do we move items forward for further development?
    • Things like: DPI, simplify creation of RTL macros, Matrix Math Packages
  • Continue discussion of language change requirements.

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  • Section 9 topic on voting in section 7.
  • Will put up to vote.

Harry Foster Presentation

  • Harry presentation on Mentor's survey
  • Harry perfer late July.
  • Erich M. willing to talk to future of PSL
    • Leverage PSL more effectively in VHDL - Jim, Hans, Martin interested

Move Items Forward

  • Obvious things like DPI, creating RTL macros, Matrix Math Packages
  • Prioritization Vote - Peter
  • What is the focus of the next language revision? - John Shields
    • Ryan - do we need to focus on one thing?
      • Modeling vs Verification
      • Do we even have a focus we can agree on?
    • John - Productivity, integration, verificaiton, parity with SV/e,
      • Without focus, will not necessarily have a complete solution
      • make sure have a complete enough solution to be relevant
  • Ranking by:
    • Ease of implementation?
    • Importance of feature?
    • Does it meet our focus?
    • Do we need proposals first?
    • Rank without details?
    • Is someone willing to work on it?
  • What features have not been implemented by anyone(of VHDL-2008) - David K

Collected requirements

  • Take ownership
  • Break out major items to subpages.

Action Items:

  • Jim: Add meeting whiteboard link to meeting announcement -- Done
  • Jim: Call for Vote on Operating Procedures for P1076 Working Group -- Done
  • John Shields: Coordinate development of requirements template
  • All: Vote on Operating Procedures for P1076 Working Group
  • All: List your self in the working group roster (required to vote)
  • All: Organize Collected Requirements list
    • Have list for voting on soon (after July 14 meeting) smile

Next Meeting Date (proposed):

Thursday July 14, 8 am Pacific

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