P1076 June 12, 2014 Meeting Minutes



Action Item Review

Things Done During Meeting

  • P1735 - Is in its finalization stages.
    • Steve to start on reconciliation into what we need to update in VHDL
  • Open - revive 1076.6 to handle syntheis proposals on collected requirements page MeetingAugust25 MeetingAugust11
  • Martin- 2033 - Increment operator with modulo wrap around.
    • One Option: Does ADA do something like this? Can it be done as a subtype constraint?
    • Another Option: Add inc / dec packages or to standard packages?
  • Need more reviewers of math package
    • Ryan, Martin
  • Open - IR 2108 - Level sensitive check - A "wait" that checks condition before stopping
    • Cliff - Look into passing an expression to a input signal parameter (2008 allows this for an input signal port)
    • Input signal parameter with expression woudl be 'U' (left most value of type) until a delta cycle passes
  • Cliff: Multiple Hierarchy Roots

Check status during meeting

  • Ryan: Arbitrary width real: see Nov 8 2012 meeting
  • Open - Multi dimensional Array restructuring: Array <--> Matrix Transformations 2012_MeetingJuly19 MeetingDecember15
    • Matlab has built-in reshape functions
    • In VHDL - explicit vs implicit defined operator
    • David Bishop: Requiring an implicit operator could delay implementations
    • Can this be handled by anonymous types on interfaces or generics on a package?
    • Language facility for creating implicit operators?
  • Ryan - Slicing Multidimensional Arrays (FT15) maybe related to above 2012_MeetingMay24
  • David Bishop: Bugzilla 17 - add_carry in numeric_std as well as fixed/floating packages
    • In the fixed point package, but not floating point package.
    • Not in numeric_std. Add for consistency?
  • David Bishop: Bugzilla 15 - Should numeric_bit/std have resize with size_res parameter?
    • David proposed it for consistency with the fixed and floating point packages
  • David Bishop - 262 - Fixed Generic Pkg and checking valid range
  • Jim - Fork and Join 2012_MeetingJune21
    • Original Verilog, simple fork and join - not used much. Hence, not much value in implementing a simple mechanism
    • SV - more complicated and have ability to kill later
    • Add template proposal and move to "not now" list
  • Jim - Mark bugzillas for which we have a proposal with that status
  • Jim - Table driven modeling via protected types 2012_MeetingMay10
  • David Koontz - Simulation Controls MeetingAugust11
  • Jim - 2109 - Requests semaphore implementation via a protected type
    • Requires wait inside of a protected type
    • ?Requires signal inside of a protected type?
    • Also interested in a resolution function based semaphore implementation
  • Jim - 2113 - Init ROM / Array data structure using file read
    • Add textio read to 1076.6 list
    • Add open source family of read array functions to initialize RAM/ROM
  • Jim - 2125 - Resolving 'Z' and '-' results in 'X" rather than '-'
  • Jim - 2003 - simulating and synthesizing multi-cycle paths
    • Waveform assignment (multiple after) would be appropriate here, if a synthesis tool can handle it.
  • OPEN - 2026 - Upward propagating Generics.
    • Would an external name reference to a constant accomplish some of the intent here?
    • An "OUT" generic would need to have similar constraints to the external name usage.
    • One use models: Out generic of one design connecting to in generic of another.
    • Need other use models
  • Object Orientation - add to list with links to older proposals
    • What is needed? Compelling use models
    • Suave: package + dereferencing mechanism vs more recent proposals
  • Peter: Conditionals for expressions ConditionalExpressions
  • Peter: Cross Language Instances CrossLanguageInstances
    • Related in some ways to DPI Proposal

Ranking Criteria

  • Rank based on need
    • Item needs to be fixed
    • Useful for an application
  • Rank based on complexity
    • How hard to implement
  • AI: Jim: Create ranking sheet.

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes:

  • Motion: Steve 2nd: Martin

Next Meeting: Thursday June 26, 2014 8 am Pacific

Previous Meeting: Thursday May 29, 2014

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