P1076 July 19, 2012 Meeting Minutes



Record IO

  • Simple Bundles - maybe enough for RTL design
    • Wishbone and variants use a model of a single master and single slave and handle arbitration between multiple masters and multiple slaves in an interconnect block - which simple bundles would handle just fine.
  • Variant Bundles - nice but benefit may not justify cost of complexity
  • AI: Ryan/Andy to mold current discussion to a proposal

System Verilog Interfaces

  • Solve simple bundles
  • has a concurrent code region
    • use for assertions / monitors
    • testbench behavior

Record Closely Related

  • Similar to closely related array types define built-in explicit type conversions (using type name)
  • AI Ryan

Record Introspection

  • May need new owner or additional owner as Chris is busy on other things

Multidimensional Array Restructuring

  • Multidimensional Array to Single Dimensional Array
  • Single Dimensional Array to Multi
  • Who?

Generic Subprograms

  • Specify generic in call of subprogram.
  • Would be uniform wrt to generics on protected types.
  • Would work as an alternative to an anonymous type on a subprogram.

Anonymous Types on Subprograms

  • May be a burden on run-time. Require pass by reference.
  • Trade off with generic subprograms - advantages? Lighter syntax

Next Meeting Date (proposed):

Thursday August 2, 8 am Pacific

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