P1076 December 15, 2011 Meeting Minutes



Math Stuff

  • Calculator math package
  • Taylor series in package
  • Look up table implementations?
  • Package with 2 bodies: real math, synthesizable math (float and fixed), lookup table options
  • Requires new language syntax to select package body for either taylor series vs. lookup table
  • AI: David to add information of packages to proposals page

Array <--> Matrix Transformations

  • AI: Ryan to write proposal
  • Factor in methodology for slice multidimensional arrays
  • Similar to other popular tools.

DPI Proposal

  • Peter Flake has updated the DPI proposal - please review.

How to handle packages: standard vs. open-source

  • Boost - C++ library -
    • reviewed by informal committee
    • included in C++ compilers
  • Self-consistent formats
  • Central place for reviewed libraries.

Schedule / Timeline

  • Should we have a cutoff for submitting proposals?
  • When? Around DAC.
  • ?Put to vote on approving cutoff at DAC?
  • Ideas: Proposals: LRM development

RTL Macros

  • Martin: plans to add stuff to requirements page just after winter holldays

Dynamic Processes

  • Peter: Does not currently have use cases. Waiting for them.
  • Not enough details to develop use cases.

Action Items:

  • David B: Writing proposals page for new matrix math packages
  • Ryan: Proposal for Array to Matrix transformations
  • Jim: Approval vote for setting cutoff for proposals by DAC

Next Meeting Date (proposed):

Thursday January 5, 8 am Pacific

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