RE: [vhdl-200x] Interfaces with normal, conjugated and monitor flavours

From: Martin.J Thompson <>
Date: Wed Mar 04 2015 - 00:48:04 PST
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> Tristan Gingold
> My concern is from a user point of view: this is more verbose than the initial
> proposal: you need to declare a record and then an interface.
> I think this is a critical point, but I'd like to heard from others on that
> point.

My view is that the verbosity is only done once (per bus type of course), and reused many (many!) times, so the overhead is well worth the price.

My most recent design was full of AXI-Stream interfaces, I would happily have spent an hour or two writing the interface definitions (and I don't suppose it would actually have taken *that* long!)


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