Re: [vhdl-200x] Call for Vote on Group Organization and PAR

From: Jonathan Ross <>
Date: Mon Dec 20 2010 - 09:37:13 PST

> I think *only* by using an external language. Anything that takes VHDL even close to SV will take so long to be implemented by the EDA vendors as to be useless. Whether even a tight, well-defined external interface can be pushed along any more quickly remains to be seen... maybe VHDL needs an open-source competitor to the big EDA tools?
> Cheers,
> Martin

Open source cuts both ways. An ideal solution might be for the community to extend GHDL so that it compiles modified versions of the language into VHDL 2008. This way vendors can incorporate the language for a flat rate of effort regardless of the extent of modifications, and I would volunteer to work on such project. That said, each vendor has their own peculiarities that would need to be supportable...

It would however be foolish to go the route of striking it out on our own. While fully Open Source has often produced high quality projects, many large companies refuse to use it. Further, the existing effort for QOR in vendor tools would take a long time to catch up to. If anyone wanted to do so, it would be best done as a separate project.

I'd vote for a VHDL-X to VHDL 2008 converter if it helped us get speedy adoption (itself a feature), but anything more isn't likely to gain traction for a while.

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