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From: Jim Lewis <jim_at_.....>
Date: Thu Jul 07 2005 - 12:17:43 PDT
Kevin brought up a point regarding the 1076.6-1999 (the
original 1076.6).  I worked on both versions of 1076.6
(1999 and 2004).  1076.6 is intended to standardize the
RTL subset for two different parties, IP developers and
Synthesis Tool vendors.  1076.6-1999 standardizes a
minimal RTL subset so that if an IP developer codes using
it, it should work on all existing synthesis tools.
1076.6-2004 gives us a full RTL synthesis subset including
leading edge things like multi-clock registers and
multi-clock, multi-port memories.

As a user if you want less trouble with your design process,
request VHDL-IP that is 1076.6-1999 compliant and request
synthesis tools that are 1076.6-2004 compliant.

Kevin brought up frustration with EDA vendor support
of standards.  I share this frustration.  I respect
the fact that EDA vendors run a business and
everything they do is an investment.  I understand
the need to only support features that their users
truely need.   However we need a situation where
users and vendors proactively interact.   Perhaps
Accellera will provide a step in this direction.

I think the next step for 1076.6-2004 is
to get a group of people to write testcases
and ask vendors to self certify that they support
the testcases.  While this will not certify compilance,
it does give us a metric to quantify what type of
tool support we have and gives us something to use
as a guide for requesting additional tool support.
At that point we will be able to access the market
relevance of 1076.6-2004.

Best Regards,
Jim Lewis
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SynthWorks Design Inc. 

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