Re: [vhdl-200x] Call for Vote: Motion to Approve Draft PAR Submission to DASC Ch air

From: Tim Davis <>
Date: Sat Jul 17 2004 - 21:08:36 PDT

Am I understanding this correctly? We will vote on the Peter Ashenden
amended motion (which Peter Ashenden voted against) then pass it on to
the DASC chair for approval. Let's say we vote to accept then pass it on
to Peter who is the DASC chair. Doesn't that mean that it will be
automatically be voted down? (Since he didn't like the J. Lewis
amendment.) Why are we wasting time with a vote if Peter has the
authority to simply discard it and likely will discard it?

(No offense Peter but this seems a little strange to me. What am I missing?)

Aspen Logic, Inc.
by: Tim Davis, President
Bailey, Stephen wrote:
>This is a call to vote on the Peter Ashenden's motion, as amended by Jim Lewis's motion that the WG approved, to approve a Draft revision PAR for submission to the DASC Chair for approval and submission to NESCOM.
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