Re: [vhdl-200x] Call for Vote: Motion to Approve Draft PAR Submission to DASC Ch air

From: Jim Lewis <>
Date: Sun Jul 18 2004 - 06:19:09 PDT

__X__ Approve (comments optional)

Bailey, Stephen wrote:
> This is a call to vote on the Peter Ashenden's motion, as amended by Jim Lewis's motion that the WG approved, to approve a Draft revision PAR for submission to the DASC Chair for approval and submission to NESCOM.
> That the VASG approve the attached revision PAR for IEEE Std 1076?
> ____ Approve (comments optional)
> ____ Disapprove (comments required)
> ____ Abstain (comments optional)
> The vote closes at 9am US East Coast Time, 2 Aug 04.
> As a PAR involves the scope of the WG and the DASC model P&P for WGs requires a 2/3 approval of the working group membership to approve change of the working group scope, it is important that all voting members respond to this call for vote.
> I have attached a copy of the voting membership. Individuals listed in red font have lost voting membership by failing to meet participation requirements. If your name is in red font and you believe that you have met participation requirements, send me a private email so we can resolve the issue. Otherwise, individuals who's names are in red may cast an unofficial vote as the first step in re-establishing their participation track record.
> Thank you.
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