Re: [vhdl-200x] Implicit conversion, Overloading, & Strong Typing

Subject: Re: [vhdl-200x] Implicit conversion, Overloading, & Strong Typing
From: Hamish Moffatt (
Date: Thu Dec 18 2003 - 15:13:54 PST

Jim Lewis wrote:
> I think mainly the VHDL community is not comfortable
> with the thought of "implicit conversions".
> The implicit conversions do nothing more than overloading
> a conditional expression to accept the types for which
> the implicit COND operator is defined.

The problem is that it's implicit, not that it's a conversion function
with overloading etc. The latter is fine.

> I have to admit, I did not like implicit boolean overloading
> at first. I did not think we could get a good enough
> proposal together to make it work in a clean manner.
> With the overloading of binary logic operators,
> I think we have a good, clean solution. When you look
> at the power of what we have, I think you will like it.

Overloading of the binary logic operators will be crucial too; otherwise
it's useless. Without it you can't write:

   if clk and clk'event then

I think this should be clearly mentioned in the proposal too.


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