[vhdl-200x] Working Group Meetings

From: Brent Hayhoe <BHayhoe@ra.rockwell.com>
Date: Tue Nov 17 2015 - 03:17:39 PST
For those of you that may not have noticed this new item:

P1076 brings to you, through the wonders of modern technology a.... recording.

If you've ever wondered how our illustrious chair manages to condense one and a half hours of intense discussion and impassioned argument into two or three sentences captured in the meeting minutes, then now is your opportunity to find out!

The last meeting's recording is available here:


and is meant to give opportunity to those who missed the meeting or have never attended one, the ability to catch up on what was discussed and maybe make comments via the reflector.

Please try it out and reply on this thread to state if you find it useful (or not).

I attended the last meeting and I found it useful very useful to be able to go over the discussions once more.



        Brent Hayhoe.
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