RE: [EXTERNAL] [vhdl-200x] Relax locally static restrictions?

From: Ostler, Farrell <>
Date: Wed Apr 01 2015 - 10:54:38 PDT
I’ve had my hands tied many times over the years by restrictions requiring locally static expressions.

These situations are annoying and don’t always have a low-impact work around.

I am not sure that whatever advantages accrue from having a two-step translation process (Analysis, Elaboration) outweigh the cost of these limitations.


Daniel Kho asked and Tristan Gingold answered:


> Yes, this should work since the aggregate becomes one with only a "

> single element association and this element association has a single

> choice" . Now, my question is why the analyzer can't check at the

> global level? Or, another way to put it, why isn't a globally static

> discrete range allowed?

Because during analysis, the values of globally static expressions are not known.  They are known only during elaboration.



Daniel Kho wrote:
I find the LRM rather restrictive in how named associations of array aggregates are only "allowed to have a choice that is not locally static, or likewise a choice that is a null range, only if the aggregate includes a single element association and this element association has a single choice".
Is there some history on why such a restriction is in place?


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