Re: [vhdl-200x] Jan 26 VHDL Meeting Minutes + Feb 17 Meeting Notice

From: Jim Lewis <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 2011 - 10:06:12 PST

Hi Martin,
I am answering these on the reflector since it is a
general thing.

> Reading section 7.2, it's not completely clear to me how
> the "earning the right to vote" thing works.. Is this a
> correct summary:
> If you are currently in the "non-member" set (having not
> voted in the very first vote, or having been absent from
> 2 of the last 3), you then vote in two votes - the value
> of your votes in those are discarded, but your participation
> is noted. In effect you are casting a "vote to join".
> Immediately after the 2nd vote, you are then moved to the
> "Member" set and in subsequent votes your votes count. Are
> there any other implications to "Membership status" other
> than voting rights - I guess it means the definition of the
> quorum may go up and down?

Exactly. Are there some clarifying words that we should add
to the P&P?


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