[vhdl-200x] Jan 26 VHDL Meeting Minutes + Feb 17 Meeting Notice

From: Jim Lewis <Jim@synthworks.com>
Date: Wed Jan 26 2011 - 21:51:02 PST

I posted the meeting minutes from today's meeting at:

   Please send any corrections to directly to me.
   Please let me know if I missed you in the attendance list.

I posted the revised WG P&P document that we worked on today at:

Please review the P&P document as I made today's changes in an older
document and had to copy them over. After several passes through it,
I think I got them all, however, it is possible that I missed some.
Also see the next meeting agenda for some other proposed changes that
I added to the document.

If anyone has suggestions for running the meeting better or in a
smoother fashion, please send me an email directly (jim@synthworks.com).

Next Meeting of the VHDL study/working group meeting is
on Thursday Feb 17 at 8 am Pacific.

   Dial in 1-800-637-5822
   Intl Access: +1 647-723-3937
   Passcode: 6850837

This meeting is an official IEEE study/working group meeting
and is governed by the IEEE patent policy. Please read the
following before the meeting:

Initial Agenda:
   Close any open issues with WG P&Ps.
   I posted the edited document with additional items I detailed below at:

   In particular, after the meeting, I added the following to the P&P document:
   Section 6.5.3:
     i) Conduct electronic (email or web based) voting at the request of the
     Chair and report the results to the working group.

     If a Secretary is not elected by the working group, the chair or
     the chair's designee shall carry out these responsibilities.

   Section 6.5.4
     If a Treasurer is not elected by the working group, the chair or
     the chair's designee shall carry out these responsibilities.

   Section 7.2
     Major edit please review and make comments.

   Section 7.3
     Removed editing directions. Paragraph looks good as it stands
     as it leaves all decisions to be made at time of formation of

   Section 9.4 Voting between Meetings
     refers us to IEEE Bylaw I-300.4(4). I found I-300.4(4) at the following link:

     I-300.4(4) states that we should be specifying the minimum allowed
     electronic balloting time. For voting on WG officers, this is
     specified in clause 6.2 of the P&P document. It would be natural
     to specify the minimum voting period for all other voting in clause
     9.4, however, I feel intimidated by the P&P editing guidelines that
     say, "This clause shall be included and shall not be modified except
     to be compliant with the Sponsorís procedures."

     I decided that IEEE is the ultimate sponsor, and as a result,
     that it is ok to add something to be compliant with I-300.4(4).
     So I added:
       "The minimum period for an electronic ballot, other than for
       officer elections, shall be at least 7 days."

     Note, I was originally thinking 10 days (so we could easily vote
     between meetings), but since I-300.4(4) had 7 as an example, I
     copied that.

   Initiate discussion of language change requirements
     - it will expedite things if you submit a list
       for discussion

Jim Lewis
VHDL Study Group Chair

If you are reading this on the website and wish to receive these
via email, see the following link to sign-up for the reflector:

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