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From: Jim Lewis <Jim@synthworks.com>
Date: Mon Jan 03 2011 - 09:55:24 PST

Hi All,
I had a concern voiced by one person recently that
I wanted to address:

   I don't think I'm quite experienced enough to comment
   on many of the more intricate details.

This is ok. The working group still needs you.
If the working group consisted solely of a team of
language experts, we would run the risk of not having
usage experience in areas where many non-language experts
may have significant input (such as DSP and others).

The challenge of the working group is to organize
the tasks to be done so as to engage those who need to
participate without getting bogged down in details
that do not concern them.

The process (adapted from the Accellera WG) that I
recommend tries to address this by breaking the group
into the following subgroups (copied from a
previous email). Each subgroup will hold separate
meetings to allow you to choose to participate or not
at that level. It is essential to get users to participate
in the requirements team. Depending on experience I would
also expect users to be able to participate in the
proposal review and/or the proposals team.

   1) Requirements team
      Who: All
      Purpose: Develop and prioritize requirements.
        High priority requirements get forwarded to the
        proposals team. Low priority requirements don't
        get WG authorization to go forward.
   2) Proposals team
      Who: People who feel comfortable writing or reviewing
            one or more proposals
      Purpose: Write proposals for implementation of requirements
        Champions volunteer to work on requirement.
        If an enhancement does not get a champion,
        it does not go any further.
        All proposals are reviewed in detail approved by
        the proposals team before they go to the next step.
   3) Proposal vs Requirements Review
      Who: All (Requirements + Proposals team)
      Purpose: Make sure the proposals implement the requirements
                from the viewpoint of the requirements team.
        Vote on proposals to make sure they address
        the requirements.
   4) Write LRM changes
      Who: LRM mechanics
        Write LRM language change specifications for the proposals.
   5) LRM change vs. Proposal Review
      Who: All (LRM + Proposals + ?Requirements?)
      Purpose: Identify any differences in the proposal and the
                LRM change (if any).
        Vote to approve or disapprove any differences in
        LRM change from proposals.


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