[vhdl-200x] Re: [Accellera:vhdl] Time to start up?

From: Jim Lewis <Jim@synthworks.com>
Date: Tue Feb 23 2010 - 07:21:19 PST

> Hans wrote:
> ...
> I am sure we all agree that VHDL requires some work in TLM/CR/OO,
> perhaps some less obvious suggestions:

Hi Lance,
I agree I think it is time that vacation is over.

Do you think that Accellera board would approve us to work on
verification enhancements (TLM/CR/OO and Functional Coverage)
to VHDL?

If we decide to go this route, Accellera would need another
MOU from IEEE VASG since the last one was only for the
VHDL-200X version and we have already finished that.

I think before we consider another MOU, we need to
find out if Accellera board and the working group
would approve verification enhancements.

Is everyone still a member of Accellera? It seems expensive
to join Accellera just to support VHDL.


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