[vhdl-200x] Voting Results: Call for Vote: VHDL + VHPI (P1076c) - 060908

From: Jim Lewis <jim_at_.....>
Date: Thu Sep 14 2006 - 09:43:56 PDT
Dear colleagues,
The VHDL-VHPI draft for P1076C has been approved to be passed
to IEEE for balloting.  Voting results have been posted at:

There was a comment from Bert Molenkamp,
   "I'm not quite sure if the latest versions of the standards
    should be referred to in appendix F (page 421),e.g.
    the latest VITAL standard is IEEE Std 1076.4-2000."

I posted this to bugzilla and Peter commented:
    "The P1076c document is an amendment to IEEE Std 1076.
    The scope is specifically to add specification of VHPI.
    Since the updates to the references in Annex F aren't
    specifically related to VHPI, they're really out of scope
    for this amendment. They'll certainly be updated in the
    next revision."

Thanks to all who voted.  I will be forwarding the draft to
IEEE so we can start the IEEE-SA ballot.

Best Regards,
Jim Lewis
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