[vhdl-200x] Outcome of P1164 vote to merge with P1076

From: Peter Ashenden <peter@ashenden.com.au>
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 20:36:08 PST

Dear colleagues,

The outcome of the vote within P1164 (VHDL standard logic) to merge with
P1076 (VHDL) was unanimously affirmative. The vote details are:

Number of eligible voters: 18
Number of votes received: 13 eligible, plus 2 ineligible

Affirmative: 13 (72% of members, 100% of voters)
Negative: none
Abstain: none
No return: 5

The ineligible returns were also affirmative.

Comments received:

  John Shields: This is a very good step forward for efficiency in
  maintaining and evolving VHDL.

  John Williams: I suggest that the 1164 package be included in
  1076 as an optional and normative package.
  I also suggest that the 1076 WG consider adding
  a normative Clause in 1076 dedicated to 1164,
  rather than adding an Annex on 1164 content.

Those voting were:

Peter Ashenden
Stephen Bailey
J. Bhasker
George Economakos
William Hanna
Jake Karrfalt
Jim Lewis
Timothy McBrayer
Bob Myers
Wolfgang Roethig
John Shields
Jose Torres
John Williams

I will now wotk with the P1976 Chair to merge the technical activities and
with the DASC-SC to dissolve the P1164 working group.


Peter Ashenden
P1164 Chair

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