Re: [vhdlsynth] Re: [vhdl-200x] Should we merge 1076.3 into 1076?

From: Jim Lewis <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 12:29:29 PST

>> Jim Lewis wrote:
>> Alex, Steve, and working group colleagues,
>> <Proposal>
>> With the approval of merging 1164 into 1076,
>> I would like to propose that we go the next
>> step and merge numeric_std, numeric_bit, and
>> the proposed numeric_???_unsigned packages into
>> the 1076 standard.
>> </Proposal>
> David Bishop wrote:
> Where does this put our update though? We have several package
> updates/additions (as does the 1164 group) which we would like
> to incorperate into the next standard.

WRT the the updates/additions, I would like to see the
work that is done get incorporated. In the VHDL-200X
fast track time frame, other work could be considered if
someone is willing to work the issues. The VHDL-200X
fast track is facilitating completion of some of the issues,
such as, how to handle logic reduction operators
(see FT2) and for the numeric_???_unsigned how to handle
comparison operators (see FT1).

> Beyond that, there is a fixed and floating point package
> which we plan to add. Do we fold those now into the
> 1076 effort? How do they come up on the scope of things?

Since you are leading this subgroup, what do you think
should be done? Minimally I would hope that there is
some degree of coordination with VHDL-200X DTA proposals.
I would be open to integrating it, however, where would
the leave the parallel Verilog effort? Would it be its
own standard?

What is the status of FPHDL? I noticed that you were
soliciting for Beta VHDL testers. How about on the Verilog
side, is it as mature as the VHDL side?

I have heard people mention "trial standards". Perhaps
FPHDL would be approproiate as a trial standard for its
first revision and then when it stabilizes it could
be integrated as part of 1076 in VHDL-200X phase 3 (2?).


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