[vhdl-200x] DAC Birds of a Feather Meeting

Subject: [vhdl-200x] DAC Birds of a Feather Meeting
From: Stephen Bailey (SBailey@model.com)
Date: Mon May 12 2003 - 12:19:03 PDT

For all who are attending DAC, we will be having a Birds of a Feather
meeting. MP Associates informs me that the BoF abstract for VHDL-200x will
be on the www.dac.com web site "shortly."

Please note that there will be sign-up for the BoF meeting at the
information desk in the main lobby of the Anaheim Convention Center. We
will not know the room assignment until that week (probably somewhat
influenced by the number of sign-ups prior to the meeting).

All BoF meetings are on Wednesday (4 Jun) from 6:30 till 8:00pm.

Please distribute this information to anyone who would be interested.

Stephen Bailey
Technical Marketing Engineer, MTI
303-775-1655 (mobile, preferred)
720-494-1202 (office)
sbailey@model.com <mailto:sbailey@model.com>

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