RE: [vhdl-200x] VHDL-200x Meeting at DAC?

Subject: RE: [vhdl-200x] VHDL-200x Meeting at DAC?
From: Jayaram Bhasker (
Date: Tue Apr 15 2003 - 12:30:42 PDT

One option is to ask your vendor to provide the source files. The last I had
heard about this, vendors could get distribution rights from IEEE for a small sum.

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Vendors have been fighting this battle with IEEE for a long
time. Andrew Guyler from Mentor expended substantial time
and energy in an effort to sort this out during the last
VHDL revision without much impact. He may be willing to
share some of the history first-hand.

IEEE views the standards we develop as their proprietary IP.
They have a 5M+ dollar annual budget at IEEE standards (from
the last time I looked) and hope to get as much revenue as
possible from standard sales. Mak once suggested that we
ought to send them the R&D bill past-due (easily in the tens
of millions of dollars/Euro) as way to wake them up.

Paul Menchini suggests that from his contacts IEEE they are
waking up slowly and at least looking at other sources for
funding the IEEE bureaucracy. As DATC chair, Paul is caught
in the middle.

There is some indication that for the newer standards the
prototypes may open up, but painfully slowly. IEEE viewed
the 1164 first draft as an error, others a victory for the
design community.

Unfortunately this is a strong argument for removing future
standards work from contact with IEEE. Internationally, IEC
is much more responsive on this issue and can deal with the
free availability of standards.

The more voices trying to reform IEEE Standards, the better!

Best regards, John

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> Although it is not the standard per se, one of the things that ought to
> be addressed is the ieee handling of the packages. The packages
> currently hide all the source, replacing it with only a copyright
> notice. It would be immensely helpful if instead of just the copyright
> notice, it also contained the function prototype for each function along
> with a brief description of what it does. This would not expose the
> source, but would make it a whole lot easier for users to interface to
> the ieee packages.
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