[vhdl-200x] Meeting: IEEE 1076-200x Meeting

Subject: [vhdl-200x] Meeting: IEEE 1076-200x Meeting
From: Dennis Broph (dennis_brophy@mentor.com)
Date: Tue Mar 11 2003 - 11:05:46 PST

Hello IEEE 1076-200x,

Dennis Brophy has invited you to attend a meeting on the Web, using WebEx.

Topic: IEEE 1076-200x Meeting
Date: Tuesday, March 18, 2003
Time: 8:30 am, Pacific Standard Time (GMT -08:00, San Jose)

To attend this meeting, you must first register for it. Please click the following link to see more information about and register for this meeting.
Once you have registered for the meeting, you will receive an email message confirming your registration. This message will provide the information that you need to join the meeting.


To contact Dennis Brophy, call 1-503-5261694 or,
send a message to this address: dennis_brophy@mentor.com

We've got to start meeting like this(TM)

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