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Jim Lewis wrote:
> Here is the list of action items from the DVCon meeting.
> 1) Provide the historical documents on the Guidelines on
> VHDL Philosophy. AI to Paul M, Chuck S, and David B.

Tough one.

1) Don't make any changes which will cause existing code not to work.
2) Don't change strong typing.
3) Don't change the basic structure (entity, architecture, configuration)
4) Don't change the signal vs. variable interaction (race conditions)

Originally, the reason for the syntax of the signal statement was to
provide for "massively parallel" computing. Basically every process statement
could be running on it's own independent processor. The parallel computing
environments envisioned to use this feature in the early 1980's never happened.
However that does not mean that we have to drop this philosophy.

David W. Bishop

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