Fw: [vhdl-200x] Working Group Voting Membership Requirements

Subject: Fw: [vhdl-200x] Working Group Voting Membership Requirements
From: Stephen Bailey (Stephen.Bailey@synopsys.com)
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 22:06:33 PST

Paul Menchini pointed a couple of omissions in my description of Voting
Membership for the WG. Therefore, I'd like to take the opportunity to clarify.

First, as the VHDL-200x effort is a new effort with many new people
participating, everyone is starting with a clean slate as of today (3 Mar 03).
That is, no CFVs prior to 3 Mar 03 cannot be used in determining voting
membership participation. Only CFVs after 3 Mar 03 may be applied.

Second, I don't want anyone to think that the participation requirement will be
arbitrarily nor subjectively enforced. Therefore, I will take Paul's suggestion
that the reinstatement process be formerly stated. Thanks to Paul for making
the following recommendation:

  The first reinstatement (upon missing 2 or more consecutive CFVs) is automatic
upon written request (including email.)

  Subsequent reinstatements are subject to a vote of the VASG Steering
  Such vote will include information on the applicant's history of activity.
  Consensus is required on this vote.

While I don't expect any problems in this regard (the VASG has never terminated
voting membership due to inactivity during my tenure, nor as long as I can
recall), it is better to be upfront with policies that impact participation.

If no objections are received within 1 week (COB 10 Mar 03), then this policy
will be adopted. (If there are any objections, please suggest alternatives and
the WG can consider them.)

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