15 Nov 2007 - P1778 workgroup Meeting Minutes

  • Workgroup: P1778 - Esterel v7 language standardization
  • Location: Teleconference (see Next Meeting to connect)
  • Date: 15 Nov 2007
  • Chair: Gerard Berry
  • Vice Chair: Stephen Edwards
  • Secretary: Sylvan Dissoubray


  • Eric Badi, Ramesh, Marc Duranton, Claus Traulsen, Luigi Zaffalon, Stephen Edwards, Raphael Bernhard, Shyam, Badr Bentaybi, Olivier Tardieu, Gerard Berry, Marc Perreaut, Sylvan Dissoubray.
  • Mike Kishinevsky and Reinhard excused.
  • See Attendance Record for meetings participation history



  • Start: Chair declares the meeting open at
  • Agenda: The agenda is approved by participants
  • Minutes: No objections about last meeting minutes -- they are approved
  • Patents: No new item . The page IEEE Patent Policy holds the call for patent, and workgroup status.

Technical topics

Brief summary of discussion, pros and cons, and conclusions

GB describes to the workgroup the functional modules design as documented in see WG1 : Data, arithmetic, and expressions#Functional module calls

SE raises the potential problem of non-terminating modules. It seems if it is called in an emit, it shouldl be combinational, and this constraint couldl be relaxed if called in a sustain for instance. To be analyzed.

Working Group WG2: signals, interfaces, ports

  • Eric Badi, Badr Bentaybi, Gerard Berry (organizer), Jean-Philippe Cousin, Reinhard von Hanxleden, Klaus Schneider, Claus Traulsen,.

  • GB explains the current design and difference between default and init. In particular it has the nice property that control signals can be seen as data signals. Olivier remarks that there may be a problem in semantic rules. OT will check andn update wiki accordingly.

  • the extends - observe proposal is discussed. Question about extends with signals removing.

  • RB: proposal to replace '''reg''' and '''mem''' in signal declarations. See Talk:Esterel_v7_Tex_LRM_Signals_and_Interfaces_chapter#A completely different alternative syntax proposal. To be discussed on the wiki.

Adjournment and Next meeting date

Next meeting will be decided by email

Meeting is closed.

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