''Last update of patents status for WG P1778: May 9 2007''

This page provides info about IEEE policy and records an up-to-date status of P1778 workgroup patents status.

IEEE Patent Policy

The IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws on Patents in Standards are available at IEEE Patent Slides (up to date version of May 1st 2007)

* Participants have a duty to tell the IEEE if they know (based on personal awareness) of potentially Essential Patent Claims they or their employer own. * Participants are encouraged to tell the IEEE if they know of potentially Essential Patent Claims owned by others.

IEEE patent policy was last updated April 30 2007 (see V. Berman e-mail below). It is advised that WG members read them (attached file at the bottom of this page).

Patent Policy Update

"Victor Berman" <victorb@improvsys.com> 
Sent by: owner-stds-dasc@server.eda.org 26-04-07 02:10 AM   
To: <stds-dasc@server.eda.org>, <stds-dasc-sc@server.eda.org>
Subject: Patent Policy Tutorial Slides

Dear DASC WG Chairs and Members,
Please be reminded that the new IEEE patent policy take effect on April 30, 2007.  
Please review the enclosed information about the new policy and use the new patent slides to begin your WG meetings.  
Let me know  if you have any questions.
   DASC Chair
Victor Berman
President & CEO
Improv Systems, Inc.
Email: victorb@improvsys.com
Office:   978 927 0555 x 27
Mobile:  978 390 7704

P1778 Workgroup call for patents

At each meetings, the chair reads the IEEE patent policy above, and participants are asked of any related patent issues.

P1778 Workgroup patents awareness

At first meeting, some patents related to Esterel have been mentioned. Follow up with IEEE will be conducted. This section reports status.

A Synopsys patent about compilation of the Esterel language kernel

'''Stepen Edwards''' mentions the existence of a patent relative to a method of compilation of the Esterel language kernel. It does not impact the language definition proper and should not restrict ability to implement compilers using the future standardized language.

This is US Patent 7,100,164, issued August 29, 2006; filed January 6, 2000. "Method & Apparatus for Converting a Concurrent Control Flow Graph into a Sequential Control Flow Graph."

It covers more-or-less the compilation technique I developed for the Synopsys compiler, which is also described in Stephen A. Edwards. An Esterel compiler for large control-dominated systems. IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems 21(2), February 2002.

It describes a particular technique for generating C code from Esterel, but certainly not the only one.

A France Telecom patent about compilation of Esterel

'''Raphael Bernhard''' mentions the existence of another patent relative to a method of compilation of the language held by France Telecom. The same comments and process will be applied to this one.

No Other patents

No other patent issues are known by any workgroup member.

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