Language Change Specification for Record Introspection & Indexing

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This LCS details changes to a record declaration and selected name definition in order to provide introspection of record types.

LCS Number: LCS-2016-069a
Version: 1
Date: 13-Jan-17
Status: Draft
Author: Brent Hayhoe
Source Doc: Record Introspection & Indexing
Summary: Definition of selected names to enable introspection of record types
Related LCS: LCS-2016-069b

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    1. Brent Hayhoe - 2017-01-13 - Version 1

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Annot: how to access record element path with an enumeration type?

LRM 5.3.3 Record types

51 middle

Edit: Replace the BNF productions with:

record_type_definition ::=
          { element_declaration }
     end record [ record_type_simple_name ]

element_declaration ::=
     identifier_list : element_subtype_definition ;

identifier_list ::= identifier { , identifier }

element_subtype_definition ::= subtype_indication

record_constraint ::=
     ( record_element_constraint { , record_element_constraint } )

record_element_constraint ::= record_element_simple_name element_constraint

implicit_enumeration_type_definition ::=
     ( element_identifier_list { , element_identifier_list } )

Edit: After the paragraph beginning:

'An element declaration with several identifiers ...'

Edit: insert the following paragraph:

'An implicit enumeration type is declared whenever a record type is declared. Each enumeration literal of this enumeration type corresponds to one element identifier of the record type. The number of enumeration literals in the enumeration type shall be the same as the number of element identifiers in the record type.'

LRM 8.3 Selected names

page 109 top

Edit: Replace the BNF productions with:

selected_name ::= prefix . suffix

suffix ::=
   | character_literal
   | enumeration_identifier
   | operator_symbol
   | all

Edit: Replace the 2nd paragraph beginning:

'For a selected name that is used to denote a record element ...'

Edit: with the following paragraph:

'For a selected name that is used to denote a record element, the suffix shall be denoting the element of a record object or value shall be; a simple name denoting an element of a record object or value. an enumeration identifier literal of the implicit enumeration type associated with the record type. The prefix shall be appropriate for the type of this object or value.'


This proposal is based on the idea that these attributes can be used within a for-loop. The iterator of a for-loop is not locally static so it's unusable as an argument of an attribute. So, you can add these attributes but you will not achieve your usecase.

-- Lieven Lemiengre - 2017-01-09

Is this the same for arrays as well?

-- Brent Hayhoe - 2017-01-10

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