Re: [vhdl-200x] Modular types, alternative solutions

From: Ray Andraka, Andraka Consulting Group, Inc <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 2014 - 04:05:41 PDT
> I'd like to understand why array of numeric_std is awkward for
> large tables.  I think that decimal bit-string literals (when
> available) should improve the situation.

Numeric_std, in its current form as implemented by vendors doesn't
allow you to express it as a list of integers, rather it needs to be
vectors of the appropriate type.  This makes importing a list of integers,
say from Matlab or a list of filter coefficients awkward because you
then need to add conversions for every element.  That precludes
simply copying and pasting a list of integers.  It also makes
the list more difficult to comprehend to the human eye.  I'm talking
about large tables such as sin/cosine tables, large FIR filter coefficient
tables and things like that.

> > While I agree the long integer
> > issue  is mostly a vendor issue, the fact that there is not an
> > explicit long integer type in the standard
> > makes longer than 32 bit integers risky due to sporadic and not
> > required support for them.
> I see the point.  But I am not sure that having a standard 64 bit
> situation would magically change the vendor implementation.  I still
> think that user requests are a better way to change vendor
> implementation.

No, it won't magically change it, but if there is a standard then it becomes
a lot easier to ask a vendor for it and expect to have consistency from
vendor to vendor if/when a vendor does implement it, and the vendor
has an industry standard to claim to adhere to.

> > I generally do use numeric_std for description of the logic, and
> > usually in my test benches.  You do
> > have to convert to/from integer to get access to the ieee.math_real
> > library in order to get to the
> > trig and other math functions for use in a testbench, and there the
> > 32 bits can become an issue as well.
> I don't really understand here.  ieee.math_real is mostly about the
> real type.  Why do you need to convert from/to integer ?  Is it
> because you are using numeric_x for fixed point ?

Yes, most of my work is fixed point, and I predominantly use numeric_std
for the hardware implementation.  I use integer types for passing tables
through generics because arrays of numeric_std have not been consistently
supported across vendors to the extent arrays of integers have for generics.

I use math_real and integer types in testbenches to speed up the processing
and to get access to the real math functions, which then need to convert 
to integer then to numeric_std in order to match the std_logic_vector ports
on the UUT.

> Tristan.

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