Re: [vhdl-200x] A compromise about modular type, boolean operations, integers...

From: <>
Date: Thu Oct 23 2014 - 20:44:23 PDT
Le 2014-10-24 05:33, a écrit :
>> Compilers (as I believe you know already, and VHDL is quite explicit
>> about it) determine the type of operation from the operands, and not
>> from the type that gets assigned.
> Sorry, but that's not correct.  See the LRM section about 'context of
> overload resolution'

I bow, my memory betrayed me.
Damn, I had an example under my eyes a few moments ago...

But it's good news anyway because it solves certain issues :-)

>> Oh and I just now realise : just a tiny little more effort and we can 
>> also provide
>> saturated integers this way. Let's add this to my proposition ;-)
> Again, saturating at assignment is different from saturating at each 
> operation.

I'm digging into that at this moment.
It does not look hopeless.

Thanks for the slap on the wrist ;-)

> Tristan.

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