RE: EXTERNAL: [vhdl-200x] A compromise about modular type, boolean operations, integers...

From: <>
Date: Wed Oct 22 2014 - 20:12:53 PDT

Le 2014-10-23 04:46, Jones, Andy D a écrit :
> There is still another alternative:
> For signals, we can create modular integers today, using a resolution 
> function.
> We can expand the language in the following two ways for an easy to
> use, comprehensive modular integer data type.
> 1) Apply resolution functions to variables (single-driver by 
> definition).
> 2) Simplify invocation of an anonymous generic package with generic
> map as a prefix:
> variable my_mod4 : ieee.modulo(modulus=>4).modular;
> Where modulo is a package that defines a resolved subtype modular,
> with modulus defined by the package generic.
> User-defined resolution functions could handle non-zero-based modular 
> types.
> Resolution functions can also be defined to automatically resize
> slv/signed/unsigned.
> Unfortunately, automatically resizing ufixed/sfixed would require
> specification of how the array of driven values is constructed for
> passing to the resolution function.
> Why should we have to define such things in the language, when with a
> few simple changes, we can do so much more in code?

your idea is intriguing but you state that it only applies to signals 

Are you trying to extend this mechanism ?

> Andy D Jones

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