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From: #SINHA SHARAD# <SINH0001@e.ntu.edu.sg>
Date: Fri Sep 27 2013 - 06:38:09 PDT
 Hi group,

This review comment is relevant to Matrix Math Users' Guide IEEE Package proposal. I had an offline discussion with David, who proposed this, regarding this and I felt it might be appropriate to see what others think.

I looked at the package code and the user guide. Everything seems to be useful. My only concern with the package is that it also includes functions for computation operations on matrices. I think that the existing implementation of compute functions (like multiply etc.) will be more relevant for testbench than for synthesis.

When compute operations are included in the package, from a synthesis perspective, a designer loses control. Calculations like matrix multiply done using loops (in the package) do not allow a designer using the package to maximize parallelism. Also, a designer won't be able to assign a synthesis directive if he/she wanted. Of course it might be possible to edit the package locally but then that is basically against the principle of using a package in the first place.

I would say that functions which manipulate data arrangement in matrices or move data in and out are better suited for a package compared to compute functions (*, /, ./, +, - etc.). Also, leaving the implementation of these operators to the mercy of synthesis tools might generally be a good idea but is not so always.

Regards, Sharad

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