RE: [vhdl-200x] Performance Proposals

From: Martin.J Thompson <>
Date: Mon Jan 14 2013 - 01:38:43 PST
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> Hi All,
> I wanted to comment on Perf 1:  Removal of simulation deltas
> If you take this as remove the delta cycles and try to run the code,
> then it would likely be a disaster.
Seconded (or thirded or fourthed!)

> OTOH, if you take this as, let a compiler that understands how the
> language and delta cycles are intended to work, optimize away delta
> cycles where it is possible and it makes sense, then perhaps we have
> something that is useful.
Is this precluded with the present language spec?  The language is specified to work in the way it does - if the compiler/simulator combination is clever enough to optimise away things whilst keeping the behaviour the same, who is to know?  It's still a compliant toolchain.  For all I know, some of them may do this already!

Any change to the way delta-cycles work would be a retrograde step IMHO - for reasons others have already noted.


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