RE: [vhdl-200x] Performance Proposals

From: Joanne Degroat <>
Date: Thu Jan 03 2013 - 11:38:20 PST
I will comment on Perf 1: Removal of simulation deltas

I would be against this as the deltas allow the signal waveform to
deterministically propagate through multiple stages of logic.
If they were removed some mechanism needs to be incorporated to insure
Determinism is the feature that sets VHDL apart from Verilog.

On Perf 3:  Define 2 and 4 state semantics

The language allows for development of any state systems needed for the task
at hand through overloading.
I recently had the need to develop a logic system with probabilistic fault
injection, i.e., a logic function randomly generates the wrong result.
This can be done.   If the logic system developed has merit it can be
incorporated as a package in the standard.


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While we are waiting for more details on Perf 1 to 7, I would like to make
some comments on them:

Perf 1: Removal of simulation deltas

If this means removal of simulation deltas from existing code, I would be
against it on the grounds that it could change the simulation results. If
this means a new kind of process to execute during the update phase, I would
support a copy only to an unresolved signal.  This would allow an ungated
clock tree to have no delta cycles. If a general expression is allowed,
multiple changes can cause multiple executions yielding different results.

Perf 2: Expressions in the sensitivity list

The question here is: when is the expression evaluated? If it is evaluated
at the update phase, then some of the signals may not yet have been updated.
If it is at the evaluation phase, then it is just like running a process.
The only worthwhile case is a posedge or negedge on a scalar signal, which
can be correctly evaluated at the update phase.

Perf 3: Define 2 and 4 state semantics

Since the language allows 2 state and 4 state signals to be defined, it
seems unnecessary to change the language.  Of course a tool can attempt to
optimise std_logic into fewer states, at the risk of getting the wrong

Perf 4: Light-weight signals

Signals without resolution functions can only have a single driver.  I do
not understand the proposal.

Perf 5: Signal atomicity

I do not understand the effect of this enhancement, and its purpose.

Perf 6: Removal of constructs indicated in VHDL 2002

I would want to keep postponed processes.

Perf 7: Zero-delay ordering of signals

It is unclear what algorithm is required here.  It must cope with multiple
clock domains and asynchronous circuits. 


Peter Flake

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