[vhdl-200x] Records with diectional subtypes

From: Jim Lewis <Jim@synthworks.com>
Date: Thu Aug 16 2012 - 13:07:44 PDT

Hi Peter,
In the Block Interface proposal, "Candidate: Records with diectional subtypes":

Can we extend this to also allow open in the subtype? The following slave does
not use the "we" element (perhaps it is read only and never does a write):

subtype t_slave is t_cpu_bus port(adr, dat, en : in; sdt, ack, err : out; we : open);

Can we allow some ports to not use all elements?

type t_cpu_bus is record
     adr : std_logic_vector(15 downto 0); --Address
     dat : std_logic_vector(15 downto 0); --Data from master to slave=
     we : std_logic; --Write enable from master=
     en : std_logic_(7 downto 0) ; --Enable from master=
     sdt : std_logic_vector(15 downto 0); --Data from slave to master=
     ack : std_logic; --Acknowledge from slave=
     err : std_logic; --Error from slave=
end record;

subtype t_master is t_cpu_bus port(adr, dat, we, en : out; sdt, ack, err : in);

subtype t_slave is t_cpu_bus port(adr, dat, we, en(1) : in; sdt, ack, err : out ; en(7 downto 2), en(0) : open );

  Inside the slave is en seen as en(1) or just en? Is there a notation that allows just en?

All questions also on the twiki page.


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