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From: David Smith <>
Date: Tue May 29 2012 - 13:08:18 PDT

Hi Jim,
I do not think this has anything to do with since that is an independent organization that has no formal association with the IEEEE.
The issue is what constitutes a work product of the working group and what is done by an independent group.

I wish you luck on this. The last time I tried to fight this battle there was not much room to negotiate with the IEEE.


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Hi Joan,
With the current economy, EDA vendors want cost effective ways of implementing verification features.
One trade-off we are going to need to make is between implementing features as syntax and implementing features in open source sharable libraries.

I for see the development of these libraries as open source rather than IEEE standards as they will need to be kept on a much shorter update and review cycle than IEEE balloting facilitates.

At a minimum, we will need a large degree of cooperation and interaction between the standards group and the people developing open source libraries. If these open source libraries are going to be a candidate replacement for language syntax features, the VHDL committee may wish to review these libraries and comment on them on this reflector and in IEEE VHDL meetings.

Since the set of people working on the two projects overlaps, it would be simpler from an administration perspective that we use a shared email reflector for both activities.

So if we discuss what we are doing as an open source community on the VHDL-200X reflector (hosted on and/or the VHDL-200X reflector is shared between an IEEE project and an open source VHDL library project, is IEEE going to make any claims to the work produced?
If so, how do we coordinate activity between an IEEE working group and an open source VHDL library group?

If we need a separate reflector for the open source work, do we need a separate reflector? I note that hosts both Accellera groups, some of which produce open source libraries, as well as IEEE groups.


> Hi Jim,
> As you know, the IEEE owns the copyright to anything developed in the WG.
> The old packages have the IEEE copyright statement in them. Likewise, > IEEE would own the copyright to new packages if they are
> developed by the WG.
> Regards,
> Joan

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