[vhdl-200x] Reminder CFV: Call for Vote on Operating Procedures for P1076 Working Group

From: Jim Lewis <Jim@synthworks.com>
Date: Mon Jul 11 2011 - 12:23:49 PDT

Reminder vote closes Wednesday July 13, 5 pm US-PDT.

Don't forget to vote if you haven't already. This is
the first vote as a working group (previous votes were
done as a study group) and if you vote now, you will be
a voting member - if you wait, you will need to vote
in several votes before you become a voting member
(see proposed operating procedures linked below).


Dear colleagues,
This is a call for vote on, Operating Procedures for P1076
Working Group. This is the first call for vote since the
working group formation, so all members who have listed
themselves on the working group roster are eligible to vote.

If you are not currently on the roster, please put yourself
on the roster at:

If you do not currently have a twiki account, send me an
email requesting one.

Please forward votes to me directly by email by 5pm US-PDT,
Wednesday 13 July, 2011. I will acknowledge all votes I

Best Regards,

Jim Lewis
P1076 Working Group Chair

As a general note, our Operating Procedures are required to
use the IEEE template document listed below. Note that some
sections are not allowed to be modified.

Item 1: Operating Procedures for P1076 Working Group
   ________ Approve
   ________ Negative
   ________ Abstain

   Comments (optional with negative vote):

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