Re: [vhdl-200x] Action Item (All): Questions on Mentor's Verification Survey for Harry Foster

From: Jim Lewis <>
Date: Thu May 26 2011 - 12:04:24 PDT

To get us started on this, the following is my list of
questions. Please post your list. It is ok to have
duplicate questions as it shows level of interest in
those areas.

What was the selection criteria for the survey?
What is the relative number for commercial vs. Mil/Aero?
Who was selected? Who responded?

What are the verification adoption statistics for just FPGA?
Within FPGA, relative number of commercial vs Mil/Aero?

What are the verification statistics for Americas and Europe

The statistics show that ASIA numbers are much bigger than
Europe and Americas (ASIA = 2*(Europe + Americas).
Does this correspond to the actual market sizes of
ASIA, Europe, and Americas?
Relative to ASIA, how big is Europe, Americas and India?


> Hi,
> In today's meeting (May 26), we decided that it would be
> beneficial to have Harry Foster come discuss Mentor's
> Verification Survey in a future meeting (June 30) or
> a special meeting just for this topic.
> In order that Harry come prepared, please post your questions
> for Harry here. This way he can focus on our concerns rather
> than the material that we can already see on their website.
> Best,
> Jim

Jim Lewis
Director of Training   
SynthWorks Design Inc. 
Expert VHDL Training for Hardware Design and Verification
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