[vhdl-200x] Results of WG Officer Elections

From: Bailey, Stephen <SBailey_at_.....>
Date: Fri Dec 16 2005 - 09:56:54 PST
Congratulations to Jim Lewis, Chuck Swart and Peter Ashenden on their
election to the positions of 1076 working group chair, vice chair and
secretary respectfully.
I received 8 ballots all voting affirmitive for each person/office.
Votes were received from:
Peter Ashenden
John Aynsley
Victor Berman
Jim Lewis
Bert Molenkamp
Deepak Pant
Chuck Swart
Ajay Varikat
Stephen Bailey abstained due to being the returning officer for the
I will forward the results to the DASC Chair and work with Jim to
transition responsibility for the working group to his able hands.
I thank everyone for allowing me to serve over the last several years as
the WG chair.  I will continue my involvement as much as my work
schedule will allow.
Stephen Bailey
Product Marketing Manager, Simulation
Mentor Graphics
303-775-1655 (Mobile, preferred)
720-494-1202 (work)
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