[vhdl-200x] Call For Nominations -- Suspense 25 Nov 05

From: Bailey, Stephen <SBailey_at_.....>
Date: Tue Nov 08 2005 - 07:37:16 PST
Suspense Date:  Nominations must be received by 25 November 2005.
Action:  Submit nominations to stephen_bailey@mentor.com
Since I am not running for any working group officer position, I am
appointing myself to be the returning officer.
This is a call to open nominations for the election of the following
1076 working group officers:
  Vice Chair
As the working group does not collect nor disburse funds, there is no
need for a Treasurer at this time and the chair has also functioned as
the Standards Staff Liaison.
Any member of the working group (including observer and email subscriber
members) may submit a nomination (and a person can nominate themself).
However, only voting members will be able to participate in the election
for WG officers.  Although a nominee's permission is not required for a
nomination, it is recommended that nominators check with a nominee prior
to submitting a nomination to ensure the willingness of the nominee.
Nominees must be eligible to hold the office for which they are
nominated (IEEE DASC and WG voting members -- please see
http://www.dasc.org/DASC-roster.html for DASC members).
Relevant section of WG P&Ps:

3.1 Election of Officers

The Chair shall appoint a Returning Officer for the conduct of an
election of officers. The Returning Officer shall not be a nominee in
the election and shall not vote in the election.


The Members shall nominate to the Returning Officer one or more Members
for each office to be filled at the election.  Nominees shall be
eligible at the time of nomination to hold the office for which they are
elected. A Member shall accept nomination for no more than one office.
The response period for nominations shall be at least 14 days. If no

nomination is received for an office, a temporary appointment shall be
made in accordance with 3.2.


The Returning Officer shall conduct the election by letter or electronic
ballot. Voting shall be by "approval", whereby each balloter may cast an
approval vote for each of any number of nominees for an office. The
nominee with the greatest number of approval votes shall win the
election. Write-in candidates are permitted as specified in the IEEE


In the event of a tie, the Returning Officer shall decide between the
tied candidates by picking a candidate's name from a hat.


Election of the Chair and Vice-Chair shall be confirmed by the DASC-SC.
If the DASC-SC rejects election of the Chair or Vice-Chair, the
Returning Officer shall conduct a fresh election for the office not so

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